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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. It's hard to find gear you can feel safe in and wear off the bike, I found one of the best looking jeans are Hornee jeans, so i got myself 3 pairs, although happy with the appearance im not happy one bit about the quality of the denim.

    Today i broke the 3rd pair, i fell off my mountain bike doing about 4'ks over some wet petals, my knee hit the ground first thing that happened is a split, not a tear from grinding along a clean tear alone a line of stitching, to me this implies poor quality denim, i didn't really slide at all just landed on my knee and came to a dead stop.

    The other two pairs,

    First day i used them i caught the hem of the right leg on the grind knob under the bottom of the right foot peg, instantly put a hole in it and managed to tear a large hole on the way home to change, i would normally put this down to my brute strength and carelessness, but my Icon's have caught there the same way once a day all through the year before and never even so much as pulled a thread!

    The last pair i tore open when the corner of a side panel from a pc case caught it, there was no strong pull or knock things over just tore like butter.

    The same pair got caught on a blunt hook on the end of a broom and ripped a triangle big enough to put my hand through! Again along the stitching no actual tearing.

    So now im not going to worry so much about what they look like, i'm going for jeans with strong denim and pockets for armor behind the knees..

    This isn't so much a rand but more letting people know my experience with Hornee.

    I would contact them and possibly get replacements but they would only do the same thing.. I would hate to see what would happen to someone coming off at a decent speed.
  2. Funny this should come up today, just found I've ripped a hole in the crotch of my only pair this afternoon... by wearing them. Now I'll be the first to admit my crotch is rather impressive, but that's just ridiculous.. ;) Less than 6 months old, probably worn them a 10-15% of that time.

    Do you actually know of any kevlar jeans that have pockets for armour?
  3. most of the Draggin range do, or at least the Next-Gen ones do.....
  4. I've never liked the look of draggins but i will be trying them after this.

    Hornee = shit IMO.
  5. Yeah I work in an office so trying to find any sort of pant/jeans that are resonably safe to ride with and wear around the office are pretty much non-existant. I usually either try to wear one of the more simple looking Draggin jeans(when I can get away with it) or just wear my normal pants and cross my fingers.

    I have not exeprienced any of the problems you have with my Draggins but I'm sure others would have. I think any sort of kevlar jeans though can only be considered a compromise rather than specific textile/leather riding.

    I understand that there are some kevlar long johns (never looked for them/never seen them) but I would imagine they would be pretty hot at this time of year.
  6. Yeah, problem with Draggin's (apart from being dang ugly) is the pockets are tiny! I can barely fit my phone in them, and sit on the bike with your keys in our pocket? Ouch, here's a sharp bit of metal jabbed into your leg...

    I've got a pair of Shift Torque jeans, but they seem rather flimsy... we put a man on the moon (40 years ago no less), surely we can make a stylish AND functional kevlar jean now!?
  7. draggins crash well, as for looks, well they look unique :rofl:
  8. I haven't used Draggins before, but my hornee jeans seem to do a good job and can't fault them on quality. yet
  9. Draggins seem to have a better rep then Hornee. Better stitching, thicker kevlar and more coverage.
    I think Draggins have CE rating to, but I may be wrong on that point.
  10. I've also had 2 x pairs of Hornee Jeans disintegrate through normal wear. To their credit they replaced them, but the denim quality seems just as piss poor on the new ones.

    I also have a pair of draggin long johns. Awesome! I reckon they'll suck in summer though...
  11. :-s Can't understand where the comments about draggins being ugly are coming from. I think they look pretty cool.

    Yep, 'Draggin Jeans also subjects itself to the stringent European CE Tests.
    Draggin Jeans products PASS the important Abrasion, Burst and Tear tests traditionally applied to road and race leathers.'
    They now also use Dyneema in their kevlar lining, which claims to be the strongest fibre in the world.
  12. I have a pair of Draggin cargo's that I bought 12mths ago and wear them to and from work five days a week and then they back up again for the weekend out riding, they are now so soft and comfortable that they dont even feel like kevlar jeans.

    Its nearly time to buy a new pair as I noticed that they are starting to look thin in a couple places, I will certainly be buying another pair of Draggins
  13. Find some condura/mesh armored overpants.

    Put them on before you ride, and take them off when you get your destination. You don't need to wear uncomfortable pants all day, and they offer much much better protection than Kevlar jeans, and you will only need 1 pair.
  14. My Draggin's are a pair of cargo's. They look like crap, especially since they are a few years old so faded and daggy. Hot as hell in summer.

    My Hornee's (denim jeans) are new this year look good.

    Thankfully never crash tested any of them so can't comment about that aspect. Touch wood.

  15. I'm after a pair of those new seamless "Next Gen" Draggin jeans. Anyone know where in melbourne have them in stock?
  16. Hi....just to add my 2 cents. Ive got a pair of Shift kevlar jeans. Ive had them for about 1 1/2years and there holding up nicely (even the bottom of the hems are only a tiny bit scuffed and that's what normally goes 1st on my non-bike jeans) . Never crashed tested them but the denim feels nice and heavy so they could be something else to add to ur list.
  17. My experience with riding jeans:

    Draggins cargo pants - tore quite easily they caught on a sharp corner of a seat as I got up (non-kevlar bit). Still held up fine in a slow low side on a damp road - didn't even abrade through the cotton.

    K-legs under 'Cheap Monday' jeans (92% cotton, 8% elastane) - again did not even get through the cotton to see how the k-legs would do. Crash was a slow low side on a wet oily road.
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  19. Or you can get the fully lined kevlar jeans at Starider. No seams and no patches. They have them on special at the moment for $125 ;)
  20. Try NEDS jeans, like you guys I have had my fill of overpriced and under performing "quality" bike jeans. After seeing how easily they are damaged, and falling apart under light use I wont wear Hornee jeans again.

    I bought my first pair last week from NEDS and they fit properly while having the kevlar mixed in with the denim. There are no patches and they are lighter than the sown in patch type.

    The manufacturer showed me the actual drag test pair and I am sold, even though they are $50 cheaper the quality stands out.

    The manufacture is a garment industry professional who knows about cut and stitching, she has a range for women that are cut for them as well.

    From some one who is sick of paying good money for ****