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Jeans with armour to fit shorter riders

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by badboyb, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been trying on kevlar jeans at various stores.
    I want jeans that have pockets for knee protectors in them.

    Of the different ones I've tried (mainly Draggin), the knee protectors sit too low in the pant for me (below my knee).

    Does anyone know of any stores around Melbourne carrying jeans that are cut with a shorter leg?

    For reference, I'm 5 foot 6 (168cm) and wear a size 32 jean.

  2. You can try Draggin direct as they do alterations I think.

    But your best bet is strap on armour underneath - unless your trou are fitted like leathers then the armour is going to move and not do as good a job -

    I have Dianese V knee guards and they stayed in place when I went down recently - my Draggin carges were all wrapped around my leg.


    Draggin sell the Knox Knees guards for under their jeans

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  3. Thanks.

    I will try draggin directly.
    Have tried their strap on knee guards, but found them uncomfortable, so was hoping to find jeans that fit correctly
  4. I got a pair of RST Kevlar jeans from PS ferntree gully that are a good fit Im of a similar towering build
  5. May seem obvious but are you trying sitting down when you try them on? My Dririders sit too low when standing but on the bike the pads are perfectly placed.
  6. Yes, checking the fit in a riding position.
    Haven't tried RST..will need to head to peter stevens to give them a go
  7. Roll On.. Did you get your Dririder jeans in Melbourne?
    I'm pretty sure they make a shorter leg version of their jeans, but I can't find a store that has any dririder jeans