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Jeans to jacket zip attachment thingy...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mezzo, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Hey guys. I know that in my travels online, looking for clothing, I came across a belt loop attachment thingy that allows you to connect any pair of jeans to the zipper on most jackets, but now I can't find the bloody thing anywhere. Trawled through Ebay and other places, to no avail.

    Does anyone know what they are even called and where I can get one?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Nup good idea though, Post back if you find one.
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  3. I could make one if anyone wants to model or have one fitted.
    Australian Canvas Co.
    We'd just need to confirm the size & type of zip used and then it would be easy.
    We could use a full sleeve, which the belt would need to be fitted into, or a partial version that could be fitted without removing the belt.
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  4. Do any two manufacturers actually use the same size zip on their jackets?
  5. None that I've found yet
  6. Possibly not, but each brand should use the same size / type on all of their rear attachment points.
    There isn't that many types or sizes either.
    Less than 10 would be used for most jackets, and probably less than 6 for good ones.
  7. What a brilliant idea!
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Neither of those 2 look like what I saw, but at least now I have a better idea of what I'm searching for. The damn name just escaped me yesterday. The one I saw was a 15cm zip (approx) and it simply has 3 loops attached to it. This would mean having to take your belt off to take your jacket off, but that wouldn't bother me none. Having said all of that, I think it might just be easier if Stever42 from Australian Canvas Co could make one for me, pretty please?:)

    Stever42, my jacket came with a complete zipper. Would it be sufficient to just send you the one half of the zipper that would attach to the belt?.I would much rather support an Aust Co, than purchase this from O/S. This could be a good little money spinner for you Stever42. You'd have a ready target audience and I'd gladly be your first :)
  9. Best of luck. This reminds me of my old military days back in the 60's. Our old woolen battledress uniform had buttons at the back to secure the jacket to the trousers. A real pain in the A. Kept tearing out the button holes.
  10. All BMW Motorrad jackets and trousers come with matching zips, and most of the jackets have a "spare" to sew onto non Motorrad pants if you need.

    The tale of the 60s battledress buttons (yes, I remember them!) is matched with the original two piece immersion suits. Held together for waterproofing by rolling two rubber girdles together (one in the jacket, one in the trousers) it was a dockyard job to remove them for a toilet visit!
  11. Battledress, suspenders, gaiters, web belts.....god I feel old now :pompous:
  12. Don't forget the brasso and the spit pollish boots.
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  13. Why would you need to take your belt off ?
    Wouldn't you just unzip the joiner from the jacket ?

    Yes, sure. Do your regular pants have a single belt loop at the centre or a double ? I can make it to fit either but I can make the gap in the centre smaller if it's only a single loop.
  14. The web doesn't show it but the postal address is PO Box 578 Bayswater 3153
  15. You are correct. There's an example of why you shouldn't drink beers whilst on heavy antibiotics :)

    I have 2 pairs, both with different spacing on the belt loops. The loop in the 2nd photo is a bit hard to see, but it's solid and about 6cm at it's widest. Judging by those loops, I'm guessing it's going to be too hard to make one suit both pants. If so, I'll spend more time riding in the cargos, then one to suit that pair would be super.

    Jeans1.JPG Jeans2.JPG
  16. Bit late but is it the zup biker belt?
    I ordered the system a while a go but haven't really used it
  17. Did you ever actually send the zip ? I never saw it or received it.