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Jealous taxi driver vs filtering bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Osiris, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. What a d@#*&head!
    If I was the rider I'd have lost it right there and pulled the m@#*ther@#$*er our of the seat (and I'm not a violent person).
    I'm thinking about getting one of those cams just for things like this...
  2. Unbelievable .............
  3. wow, I would have gone ape-sh1t at him. Ripped the bastard out the car and beat hit to a pulp. The audi guy would have been pretty pissed too.
  4. Well the taxi driver shouldn't have opened the door, but I question why he opened it in the first place. I mean yes he should have looked before opening, however his boot was also open, so maybe he wanted to get something out or was going out to close it...not necessarily open the door on the motorcyclist because he was jealous. He actually went out to help remove the bike while it was jammed between the door and Audi (poor guy) so I think it was just bad timing for the cyclist, stupidity from the driver.
  5. DOH!!!!... That's a PITA!!!.... Hmmm, just noticed too that the Taxi boot was open before he opened the door... Might be a case of not looking before you open!!! But still a PITA ;-)
  6. Yo know, what, after a second watch I think you are right and the cabbie didn't do it on purpose. Regardless, he should always watch when opening the door, specially when you are in a non-stationary line.
  7. One question worth asking, would the normal person just swing their door open in such a careless manner when intending to exit their vehicle?

    Yes his boot was open and he may have been about to take advantage of the traffic bottleneck to close it but it just doesn't excuse the foolishness of flinging the door open in such a manner. He should be thankful it wasn't a long term carpark coaster bus that came along, they tend to remove the door from it's hinges ;)
  8. I don't think it was delibrate. Just idiot driver. I guess because it seems he was running out to close the boot in stopped traffic he wanted to move quickly.

    Now to learn from this, should the rider have seen the open boot and slowed right down and watched the driver while passing the vehicle? I'm not sure if I would have put two and two together that quickly. However, now I've seen that video if I ever pass a vehicle with an open boot I will be sure to slow down and watch the driver.
  9. man that could have been worse at speed ...dick head ''
  10. It is true, the driver should have opened the door more carefully, can't assume straight away that the taxi driver did it on purpose and go about bashing him up because he did so. Idiots, they are out there...hate to say it, but there are idiotic riders too.

    Honestly I wouldn't have noticed it myself...because in my mind, no one will be opening a car door while stuck in traffic...an assumption that can have dangerous consequences. However at traffic lights near a shopping centre/train station/school, I'd watch out for random doors flinging open.

    If that were to happen here, I think the rider would have been to blame, because they weren't supposed to be there in the first place and it's dangerous to do that and all that jazz...
  11. Yeah it looks a lot more like bad luck and foolishness than a deliberate act. If it was deliberate he wouldn't have jumped out to help
  12. Hmm, I came close to the same thing a few weeks ago. Filtering through some stopped traffic on Victoria road at some lights. Just as I came up on the taxi the driver opened his door and spat on the ground.

    I'm 50/50 as to whether he had any idea I was there. Thankfully I wasn't going quick and I'm thankful taxi's are so easy to spot, the paint job is a perfect indication that there is an unpredictable incompetent lunatic behind the wheel.
  13. The taxi's boot was open. Either he decided to get a snack at the red lights or it was accidentally left open and he was going to close it.

    Still ****ing retarded for not checking his mirrors first, but I don't think it was intentional or an act of malice.
  14. Hey guys, im aware lane splitting is illegal here, but what would be the ramifications if that happened here? Automatic butt-raping of the motorcyclist, shared legal responsibility, or idiot driver being blamed?
    Its not something ive ever actually thought about.
  15. ha. will take some money to get that door fixed.
  16. Legally, here, I think the bike would be in the wrong. You shouldn't be there so it's your fault.

    I'll go along with the majority. From his manner after, I don't think he did it on purpose.
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  17. Here, opening your door in traffic unless parking (or similar wording) is an offence too, so the taxi driver would possibly be seen as committing the offence that caused the accident.
  18. Good reasons why you shouldn't let the red mist take over and beat him to a pulp.. Innocent, but still a ****wit