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jealous cager :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sillygit, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I was on my way home on Beaconsfield Prd this afternoon having a pretty good run. I was filtering/splitting through a few kms of basically stationary traffic and just before I reached Fitzroy St, I noticed a car closing the pretty substantial gap. As I got closer I realised he was doing it on purpose! I slowed right down, managed to waddle my way passed him and as I started moving again he yells out "f*%khead".

    I just chuckled in my helmet, thought how frustrating it must be siting in his cage not going anywhere and went on my way.

    Yay for motorbikes and bring on the weekend! :moped:

  2. I had my first jealous one of these in ages today as well. Split past him to just in front of his bonnet and squeezed in between him and the car in front but couldn't go any further. Traffic was stopped while I was doing this. He gave me a verbal spray for about 30 seconds. I found it pretty amusing, gave him a friendly wave when the traffic started moving for letting me cut in front of him so I could make my left hand turn. I'm beyond giving crap back, I cut in, I split, I didn't wait my turn behind 50 backed up cars, I moved into a gap that wasn't there, I used the 1.3m space between the cars efficiently, I saved myself probably 5 minutes waiting for light changes. I didn't delay him a single second (well may .2 seconds at most). Happy days!! :grin:
  3. it's those drivers that make u even happier your riding, ay sillygit :grin:

    there had been an accident on Burwood Hwy, just at the start of the Mad Mile if you know it, between Upper Gully and my town, Upwey. traffic was banked up for almost 2km. i filtered through alot of it, mainly stationary and just nipped back in when it began to move, then filter some more when it stopped again. aaanyway, they were diverting alot of the traffic up the road i had planned as my escape route (little did i know haha).

    turned off the hwy, took a few side streets, and entered Old Belgrave Rd, which was at a standstill. its pretty much a suburban street, 1 lane each way, and little to no shoulder.

    got sick of waiting (all 23 seconds :LOL:) and just passed 40 or so cars up the right side, technically on the wrong side of the road. i was indicating, so all was good :p actually had another rider following me. goin nice n slow, maybe 20km/h so i had time to pull in if anything was ahead etc, and a bloke in a 4wd saw me in his mirror.

    "fcuking wanker!!", i copped, followed with the bird. i just turned back, replied with the same, and grinned like a nutter :grin:

    i would have saved at least 20-30min, by filtering and passing 2km on near stationary traffic i reckon.

    god i love bikes :grin:
  4. yea, i've had a few people purposely move across to block off me, but what they don't realise generally is that they open up a space behind them, and to the left, so through i go on the other side anyway :LOL:
  5. That's my favorite. :grin: By trying to cut us off, they only succeed in opening a huge space on the other side of their car. I swerve behind them and take the gap every time but I always give a thank you wave as I pass. :)

    The thank you wave consistently infuriates them. :LOL:
  6. Ya, I love doing that.... :grin:
  7. I think this is one of the best things about riding a bike!

    When Im in the cage I get so frustrated because I know I would not be waiting behind cars if I was on the bike.

    Ahhhhh I love my bike :)
  8. ... thought i would ad +1 to the love of time saving from motorbikes. :) :)

    Question: Is it possible that this sort of ability breeds a form of impatience on the road?

    I accept that if done safely and thoughtfully then there is little problem, but if anyone has found this ability to 'skip' the traffic changes their attitude (particuarly to be more impatient) then would like to hear from you.
  9. On a side note.. since I have to use the work ute when I'm out and about, I always move over for bikes if there's room..

    Make sure you give the friendly drivers a wave too :grin:

  10. you say tomatoe, they say tomato!

    patience, eh!? i'm not sure a lot of us on have the discipline.

    when you were traveling in the oncoming lane did you happen to cross any broken or solid lines?
  11. Before I used to have have my mbike licence (I did used to ride as a teenager though) I used to move over for bikes. I actually THOUGHT about it and realised they never got "in my way" so it never bothered me. Funny how most people (err, car drivers) don't seem to think..in general. You see them get angry over bike riders who filter/split past them that bear no relevance/harm to them in traffic queues and also not think by hitting people in "incidents" (rather than true accidents).

    So: [​IMG] does seem to imply, and more besides the obvious :grin:
  12. Yeah, a number of cars edged over a little to give me some more room as I was putting down the middle of them, either because the were scared I'd damage their car or they were just being nice...
  13. I had a guy park on my foot once (on purpose) lucky I had my steelcap work boots on. he soon moved when i started letting air out of his tyre.(luckly)thinking about it later on, how lucky was i that he didnt stay parked on my foot and come over to punch on.
  14. ive copped it a few times already, and i must say that it has had an effect on me and i found that i didnt lane split at all today, dont know whether i was nervous of copping abuse or what. but its alot more vulnerable withough the 2 tonne of fairlane thats usualy around me. I think this post might just have inspired me to get back on the bike (pun intended).

    before i started riding i bareley ever noticed motorbike lane filtering. now when im in the cage i just smile when one zips past me, thinking to myself "go man go"

  15. I have also copped it times
    Though it doesnt worry me that much I mainly just wave back a thank you lol

    The only time I dont like it when im in the cage is when they fly past ya way to fast

  16. yeh i get a few of the edge-over butthead people, but more often than not they actually move out of the way to give me space... the funny ones are when you see a group of guys in a car and just as you ride past they yell out "WOOOOOOO!" dont know if they're trying to scare me ? oh well its still amusing! happened a few times...
  17. Most of the people i know who dont ride hate us splitting and filtering.

    Most of them say its because its done way too fast ad they worry that we will scratch their car and bugger off before they can get the plate no.

    I think like all things in life its the few bad eggs that do the wrong thing that ruin it for the rest of us.
    Unfortunately that will never change.
  18. I rarely split, because I don't have the power to get away!

    In the first week I had the Madass, though, I was going down the left (as I was actually turning left), and some lady in a commodore deliberately edged over to leave me about 50cm between her and a parked car.

    Looked down at the bike, looked up at the gap, and thought I could do it. Turns out I could - except for her mirror, which I don't THINK I actually broke, though it was definitely realigned...

    I briefly debated the morals of turning back. Thoughts?
  19. I have only been riding for around 10 months and before I rode I used to envy riders filtering to the front etc but also had thoughts of a$$#$@^ , he / she is only doing it to drag off the cars at the lights.

    Alot of my friends have the same thoughts, I explain to them now that something like 70% of all accidents are nose to tail and bike riders are doing it for their own safety, i.e. how would they feel sitting in a line of traffic waiting for a soccer mum in a 4wd to hit you up the ar$e on a bike. It is like a light goes on in their head and comments of "oh yeah, I never thought of it like that".

    I honestly believe that an education program for all drivers along the lines of bikers filter for their own safety will go a long way.