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Jaycar Steel mate alarm help needed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ButtNuggeT, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. G'day I'm after anyone that has installed one of these alarms that wouldn't mind helping me out with a few questions on the installation.

    1: Should the control unit be mounted standing on it's edge or laying flat?

    2: Do I need to do anything with the spare wire (blue one)?

    3:Ignition wire, what is this one for?

    4: engine lock(+) and this goes where?

    Basically from what I can see on the diagram


    I just cut into the + wire fro the battery and connect engine lock and ignition wire to it. Is this right?

    Any help would be really great and feel free to PM, call or whatever you want as I'm going to try and install this today.

    Thanks for looking. ©¿©
  2. 1- Mine is mounted on it's side and works fine.

    2- I think I cut mine, you can do as you wish as it doesn't get connected to anything.

    3- The alarm unit become part of the ignition so it knows when the bike is on or not - you can stop the bike via the remote if it's all connected right if I remember right.

    4- Can't remember - sorry.

    Follow the instructions closly and you should be fine. Just make sure you have a good power source, I hooked mine to the battery (+) and the chassis (-).
  3. Thanks mate for the speedy reply.

    Under the seat near the battery is some sort of black box. 2 wires on it have power when the ignition is on, none when it is off. Do you know if I can just cut either of these wires and connect to them?

    Still wish I knew what the engine lock was tho :)
  4. Search the forums bro - there was a guide someone wrote for the Jaycar alarms not so long ago.
  5. Install the unit so that the sensitivity adjustment is accessible.

    There is a decent guide in the forums written by a NSW member I think.

    But quickly:

    The blue wire is for remote start but the basic steel mate doesn't have that option. You can cut the wire from the loom.

    Regarding ignition wire, it's any wire that's involved in starting your bike, e.g fuel pump power, starter motor relay etc. Basically, cutting the pink and grey into this wire will mean that the bike cannot start until the unit is properly disarmed.In my install, I've cut into the starter relay wire.

    Tie the orange wire onto a wire that becomes active when the ignition is turned on. A multimeter or 12V lightglobe tester will guide you.

    Good luck.
  6. Sweet thanks heaps for the info. I did cut one of the wires on the black box under the seat to see what would happen and the alarm didn't happen :) Think I will ring in sick tomorrow and try it again. If I don't get it this time I will pay someone to do it for me. ;)
  7. These were the original installation instructions i wrote up a few years back when i purchased my first one of these Jaycar alarms. Hope it helps.


    Right, to start off with take the fairings off and unbolt your fuel tank. Try and find a nice small place to mount the main box (about 2 cigarette packs worth of space is more than enough); but don't stick it in yet.

    Now get that wiring loom out of the box and start wiring. Ideally you should hide/disguise as much wiring as possible; so find the stock looms and then black electrical tape the extra wires along the existing looms.

    Tape the socket of the main wiring loom to roughly where your planning on mounting the main unit. This will mean you can route all the wires where you need to and it won't be a spaghetti mess.

    Run the 2 yellow wires to the closest (usually and in my case; rear) indicators. Then trace the cables back up about 15cm and you should find where you can detach them. Get one of the yellow wires and connect it into that socket. I opened up the crimped plug and then recrimped it with pliers. Reconnect the plug & socket and make sure theres a firm connection again. Do the same for the other side keeping the wiring as neat and hidden as possible.

    Next up is the orange wire. You need to find something that gets 12v when the bike gets switched on. Ideally you'd go for the main ignition barrel but i was trying my hardest to stay away from it. I connected it up to the globe that illuminates my number plate at the back of the bike. You can also connect it to the brake light bulb (as long as you can't switch off the brake lights), or as i said, anything that gets 12v when the bike is switched on. This wire will trigger the alarm if the bike is switched on when its not disarmed (ie. if someone breaks your steering lock and starts it up).

    The grey and pink wires are the Ignition wires (ie. immobiliser) and at this point in time i didn't connect them. I've lost my multimeter so i'll buy one during the week and wire them up properly next weekend. Anyway, to install this you need to figure out which wire is the one running to the starter switch (assuming not kickstart Razz) and snip it. You then connect the starter switch end to the grey wire, and the ignition barrel end to the pink wire. The alarm simply acts as a relay to close the starter switch circuit when you cut the wire.

    Might as well connect the main unit now but don't stick it in place still.
    Now for the power. The black wire with the O-ring mount and the black bare wire both get connected to the NEGATIVE terminal on the battery. The red wire goes directly to the POSITIVE terminal on the battery (although you can wire it to the ignition barrel).

    Right, now for the LED & the screamer (siren). Wink
    Both just need to be plugged in and they'll work. At the moment i haven't installed the LED as i need to extend the wires... the length they give you implies your going to mount it somewhere at the front of the bike. I wanted mine out of the way and a b!tch to get to. For final installation try and have the LED flashing very clearly somewhere near either the instrument cluster or the ignition barrel.

    The siren needs to be mounted somewhere bloody hard to get to and the wiring needs to be VERY hidden. As this is a simple alarm, if the siren is disconnected then thats it (other than the immobiliser). I mounted mine in a very tight spot 'somewhere' towards the front of the bike that is impossible to get to without removing the fuel tank and a front fairing. I suggest you do likewise. Next stealth the wires as best you possibly can; and if possible make the connection where existing connections are on the bike. Make the wiring stand out as little as possible.

    Right, now all the wiring is done, stick the alarm unit in place and stick the siren into its final location. I'd recommend then getting a roll of black electrical tape / black (or silver) duct tape and going over the main unit to make sure it's firmly in place. Also tape up any loose wires to make sure its all stealthed and neat.

    Now to test it all out.
    1. Arm the alarm by pressing the big lock button at the top of the bike and check that all blinkers flash and that the alarm chirps once. The bike is now armed.
    2. Get the key to your bike, put it in the ignition, block your ears.. and turn the key. The siren WILL sound (if you connected the orange wire), and the lights will flash once a second.
    3. Quickly (else not to annoy the neighbours) disarm the alarm by pressing the middle 'unlock button'.
    4. Re-arm the bike with the big lock button, wait 4 seconds for it to arm... then sit on your bike. Don't be dismayed if it doesnt go off the second you sit on it... you might just need to crank up the sensitivity. For me, if i carefully sit on the bike it won't go off, but it'll definitely go off it i sit it back on its side stand! If/when it goes off, disarm it again.
    5. Arm it again and start knocking on your bike... start at the fuel tank... check the boot... check everything people might want to play with. Disarm as necessary.

    When the alarm is triggered, if the knock sensor is triggered lightly (the first time) it will chirp 4 times and make the lights flash. If it is triggered again in the next 30 seconds it will set off the alarm properly. It will wail for about 30 sec or so then stop and rearm itself.

    If anything doesn't go as i have said... check your wiring... and check it again. Failing that, its time to get tricky with a multimeter.
  8. I've just installed one of these units ... I opened up the alarm module and tracked back the BLUE wire to the receiver circuit ... thus it is the radio Antenna ...

    DO NOT cut this wire off ... doing so will shorten the distance that the remote works from ... rather extend over a non metal area of the bike and tape in place ...

    Over all it's a great unit that should keep dick heads from sitting on ya bike ... painfully loud if standing next to it and it goes off.

  9. Mike, my steel mate had two blue wires, one was part of the loom, which is the non functioning remote start. The other was seperate to the loom and was a lot shorter - that one is the aerial.

    I've been happy with my alarm - the immoboliser works a treat and it makes a racket when it needs to. :cool:
  10. Is this the "car" alarm on jaycars website? Or is there a separate bike version?

    Where do you guys put your sirens?
  11. Booga, I think the alarm we're talking about is the steel mate 888 or some such.

    I put the alarm and siren in the pillion seat compartment and the flashing LED immediately behind the rider mounted between the rider seat and pillion seat.

    I'll show you next we bump into each other.

    At the great alarm install day at Keith's a year or two ago, most LED's were installed in the dash or forward somewhere. As for sirens, some were put under the tank, but most were in the pillion compartment.

    One of the key learnings, is to install the CPU bit with free access to the sensitivity screws...
  12. yep ... it's the steel mate ... see https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=42230 for a pic ...

    This model (now?) only has one blue wire (the antenna) ... guess they figured they can save 0.0003 cents without it ...

    The siren module is alot smaller than the car models ... so it fits in alot tighter places ... but is still very loud ... well worth the effort to install.

  13. i have a stealmate not from jaycar though havnt hooked it up yet though but mine come with all the instructions and what wires to cut were. purchased mine from south aus.
    let me know if you want scan of it
  14. Doesnt that mean i can jump on ur bike, turn it "on" then push start the thing?

    Provided i go at the siren with a rock or sumtin
  15. Nothing is totally 100% ... basically an alarm stops dick heads from sitting on ya bike ...
    and may give you some warning at night so you can run out to do battle :twisted: :twisted:

    If professionals have marked your bike then insurance is the best protection ... or a pack of very hungry dogs ... or my next door neighbour's wife :LOL:

    Best to ride a POS with enough grunt to make you smile.

  16. if you can find the siren and rip it out, and that doesn't draw extra attention to you, then good luck to you.

    Better the starter relay than the ignition circuit... imagine the alarm unit blowing an IC and then cutting your ignition mid corner...
  17. fair enough
  18. I agree if someone wants your bike theres not much you can do,
    But it's cheap the jaycar alarm and gives you a little peace of mind when you leave your bike somewhere.