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Jaycar motorcycle alarm kit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by takagawa, May 15, 2005.

  1. Buying Jaycar Motorcycle Alarm Kit for $50 each in bulk, go to this post:

    Has anyone taken a look at this rather cheap motorcycle alarm kit that Jaycar is offering? I figure something like this would be good for my 250. I wouldn't think $70 kit would be tamper proof, but good for keeping away 'honest thieves' and people touching your bike.

    I'll drop by Jaycar when I have the chance to take a good look at it.
  2. dont know anything about it but thanks for bringing
    it to my attention.
  3. post up some more info once u check it out if you could!

    maybe we could buy 4 and get it cheaper :D
  4. Hahaha.....wouldnt the anit-hijack be a cracker pulling up at the lights next to some wanker on his mobile and hitting the button :D

    Just make sure you've got your earplugs in :LOL:
  5. better still, wire it to the horn button!!!
  6. What does ' car park locator' mean. Does it find you an available car park?

    That would have been very handy today trying to find a carpark at the MCG today!
  7. The car park locator would probably beep the horn &/or flash the lights.

    Could be handy at the Moto GP with all those bikes in the car park.

    Shouldn't be too hard to install if you can work out what wire does what in the insides of your bike
  8. looks great, how much do you think it would cost for professional installation?
  9. I would have recommended an installer for you but he's no longer a preferred partner :(
  10. Okay I just dropped by Jaycar today, and I took some pictures of it on my mobile phone. Unfortunately the camera isn't so good, but here it is anyways.


    The unit looks basic enough, but it has a couple of decent features for $70. It comes with a 120db siren, two nice looking remotes, and the black box itself.

    Unfortunately the installation manual is as basic as it gets (1212), that blurry diagram is all there is. So I doubt I would be able to install it myself without some more informative guide.
  11. Okay, I'm going out to buy the kit probably on Saturday, and I'm getting it installed by Bike Magic on Monday. If anyone wants to buy the kit as well and want to save a few bucks, then send me a message before then.

    Qty 1+ $69.95 Qty 2+ $62.95 Qty 4+ $55.95

  12. well mate, i'm in for 3 :D one for my bike, malissa's bike and my uncles bike. and i'll see if my dad is keen, he might want one too :wink:

    for $56, you cant go wrong....
  13. for 70 bucks, what morecould u want???

    maybe free installation:LOL:
  14. how much would installation be?
    If someone can give me a rough figure as to how much installation would cost then I'll tell you if I'll order one or not :?:
  15. I know that my installation will be free :D Going to Jaycar this arvo to check it out..............
  16. I getting a quite surprising number of takers. I'm not sure about installation cost since I'm already doing some other repair work at Bike Magic, they're just going to hook it in for me.

    However, if there's enough people, we could organise a day to just get together and install it on our bikes :). But we need someone who's at least a little cluey about electronic systems and have the right tools for the job.

    Just be careful dale, they are 'really' cheapy alarm kits. It comes with a remote immobiliser which is pretty cool, but I'm not to sure about the shock sensitivity (there's a little dial to vary the sensitivity) or how tamper proof the wiring is. Either way, I probably recommend the kit to bikes that are worth less than say $5000; bikes that are too cheap for 'real' thieves to bother with.

    Anyways, here's the current list of takers:
    Coconuts x 3

    If you want in, two ways we could do this. We all meet up at a Jaycar store, I suggest the one on the corner of Springvale Rd and Princes Hwy; that major intersection. Jaycar is on the same shopping lane as Dick Smith.

    Second is if you can't make it, you could wire the money to me and I'll buy it for you, and you can pick it up from me. I'm available in the city weekdays. Message me if you want to do this.

    I'll give Jaycar a ring now to ask how many units they have.
  17. how many hours / mins work would it be to install?

    Just trying to work out how much it will cost me.....
  18. Very very interested in getting one of these... perhaps a group buy of sorts is in order! Especially with Coconuts wanting 3 of them.

    Perhaps we can get a list of people going that want them?
    Not volunteering myself for said service... but if someone wants to put their hand up and organise it would be a mighty good service for us netriders.
  19. takagawa, I'M IN :D

    I'll PM you
  20. that is pretty good value for $55. Installing the kit would take about an hour or two. I'd be happy to be a guide to those willing to do the work themselves. :)

    I reckon the tamperproofness will depend on how hard your seat is to get off mainly. I think even a professional system is pretty easy to bypass, unless it is built into the bike's ignition system. But since all the electronics are just sitting under the seat/tank, there's not a lot you can do.