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Jaycar Motorcycle Alarm Group Buy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by koma, Jun 6, 2006.

    PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED MIDNIGHT MONDAY 12/06/2006 ELSE YOUR ORDER WILL BE BUMPED (unless you contact me otherwise).


    The FINAL price on these alarms is $50.
    I'm going straight through Jaycar themselves - it'll minimise the fuss if warranty replacement comes into the equation.

    Now i'm not going to make any bold claims about that these will deter every theif, and it'll make cups of coffee... but they do what they do quite well - especially for the price! With all the stolen bike threads popping up around the place, this might be a good time to splash out the $50 or so and take some preventative action.

    Here's a link to the product from the Jaycar website, but you can go in store and check them out any time you want.
    Jaycar Motorcycle Alarm.
    Read through a few of the posts at the end of this page and you'll find some user feedback on people who have used them in the past (myself included).

    This is a no-frills bike alarm at a price that i think certainly makes it worthwhile! I personally have purchased one prior to this group buy and installed it on my last bike - so if i'm going back for another one for my new bike that should say something.

    The way it's going to work will be that unless your listed as a DD (direct deposit) on the list, i'm going to assume your giving me cash at Coffee Night @ Southbank. I'll mark you off the list when you give me the dosh.


    HOW MUCH : $50
    ORDER DEADLINE : Sunday 11/06/2006 @ Midnight.
    PAYMENT DEADLINE : Received and confirmed in my account / to me by Monday 12/06/2006 (again, Midnight).

    UPDATE 10:30am - 13/06/2006
    All orders have been paid for, so just placing the order with the Jaycar people right now. Will be picking them up either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly their suppliers can get onto it.
    I'll see if i can post a photo of one gargantuan stack of alarms later in the week. :D


    THE LIST - (coffee night 16/06)
    Koma x2 PAID
    Mouth x1 PAID
    Chunkz x1 PAID
    N*A*M x1 PAID
    Outlore x1 PAID
    Gromit x1 PAID
    Haggisladdie x1 PAID
    Fireblade x2 PAID
    Grunge x3 PAID

    Robsalvv x1 (DD) PAID
    Stewy x1 (DD) PAID
    Ronin11 x1 (DD) PAID
    Drew x1 (DD) - (pickup coffee night 23/06) PAID
    Woodsy x2 (DD) - (other) PAID
    Mdmx x1 (DD) - (post) PAID

    NOTE: If the details on this list are incorrect, like you've already paid and not showing up as paid, or you've made arrangements to pick it up or get it posted then let me know. This is the master list i'll be going off when it comes time to do the distribution and money collection, etc.
  2. If ya can post one to me i'm in. cant get there to pick up but happy to help make up the numbers.
  3. I might actually be able to make your day Woodsy. I'm often heading out to Warragul on family business , so wouldn't mind dropping one in for ya! Either that or i guess i could arrange postage for ya.

    Ok, i'll add your name to the keen list.
  4. Ditto that, although a saving of $14 may take most of it up in Postage

    I have a Jaycar shop nearby, will stop off and check em out.

    So are they hard to install?
  5. Actualy Koma, if your OK with mailing a delivery down this way i'll on forward for anyone down Pakenham, Cranny, Drouin, Warragul, Moe, Morwell, etc might help get the numbers up.
  6. oops missed ur post.
  7. Definitely not hard to install... but you need a teency bit of electronic knowledge and a multimeter as a bare minimum! If your planning on just hooking up the screamer it's a pretty easy process; hooking up the immobiliser aswell then it pays to know how your bike is wired (and how you want the immobiliser to function).

    Part of the install should be to stealth the wires associated with the alarm, so that should someone actually attempt to disable it they'd have a hard time telling what is what. Black electrical tape is your friend.

    Personally i don't like the idea of an immobiliser as a kill switch, so i tend to opt for a slightly less intrusive method - but giving out my secrets would make my bike easier to disable... so i won't be doing that.

    Toecutter: So did you want me to put one down for you plus express post to Sydney?
  8. Is the previous topic on the group buy still around? I couldn't find it in a search with my keywords, and I'd like to read about how those people went with their installs and it's operation. I'm likely to be interestered after reading that :)
  9. Just had a bit of a scurry through Takagawa's threads, and for anything that came up in the search engine for Jaycar, Steelmate (the brand of them), or alarm and it appears the thread has been culled; perhaps in one of the server crashes that occured about 12 months ago? :cry:

    Anyway, there were quite a few of us who purchased them last time (myself included for my previous bike.. the FZR250). They're only a basic alarm and i'll never tout them as anything more than that. They have a single shock sensor that tends to favour two axis of movements more than the third, so mounting is important. The wiring is all stock coloured lines, hence my recommendation for black electrical tape. The screamer is loud enough to be annoying as hell if your within a 5m radius. Installs can be done at 2 different levels - either just the screamer, or also the immobiliser.

    If you want to see one in action, hunt down Firefling as she's got one on her blue SV650. There are a few other people who also have them installed, but i can't specifically remember who they are.

    In terms of operation, it's got 3 buttons. One is audible arm, one is audible disarm, and the third is something like a silent arm. I know if you hold down the audible alarm button for 2 seconds it'll set the alarm off, and that if you disarm it and then don't turn the ignition on within 10 seconds it'll beep 5 times then re-arm itself. Although, all of those details are just going from my memory of the ones we got in the last group buy.

    If your after something hi-tech and fancy, i think there's a group buy going for the Scorio ones with the LCD keyfob for ~$500 or so; but for $50... these are worth it. This is afterall my second purchase of one of these alarms... :grin:

    Now that i've installed one in my last bike i intend on installing it in a slightly different way - but thats just a slight niggle with the tendency for it to be set off on 2 axis more easily than the 3rd.
  10. Count me in too.


  11. Mouth I'd say it is probably still about but the search function is broken in the way that certain time periods it seems, it isnt working for. I know for a fact as Ive done testing and mentioned it in a few posts, have you happened to seen any of them or know about the search engine issue?
  12. what timeframe are you looking at for making the purchase......

    a possibility
  13. I got one :)

    Personally, I'm not a fan of alarms as they don't prevent anyone from picking your bike up and sticking it in the back of a van (alarms are only any use if the owner can hear them), but I was interested in something that would let me know if somebody was messing with my bike whilst I was out having a coffee or something.

    I got one of these the last time there was a bulk buy and so far it has done everything that it claims to do. I haven't wired in the immobiliser, mainly because it is a cheap alarm and I don't trust it, but the alarm does make a loud noise if someone tries to move the bike, which is pretty much all I wanted.
    Wiring is fairly easy, but basic. It works, makes a noise, I'd guess the immobiliser will immobilise if you want that feature, but that's as far as it goes. It is easy to disable, but as koma says, electrical tape helps here, as does careful positioning of the alarm unit itself.

    Good as additional protection, but I wouldn't trust it alone (you can't beat a chain and something solid).

    I've certainly no regrets, it does everything I wanted it to and it was cheap (my favourite word). :)
  14. Thx for the info .. put me down as a yes :)
  15. You can disable this feature.
  16. No, and no :(
    Thx .. I'll look into it.
  17. It really depends on the level of interest!
    I had a number of 5 in my mind as a bare minimum to go ahead with it, and we'v already met that number! So i guess i'll leave this going until this Sunday or Monday, then tally the numbers and go negotiating with my mate at Jaycar.

    If i take DD's and purchase them all myself then i'll be aiming to do it by next Friday at the latest. If we do a similar style to the last bulk buy and just have people rock up and pick them up at Jaycar in person, it'll probably have to be Saturday for convenience sake.
  18. I know you can disable it. I did it by accident on my last one!
    I'm sure its in the manual, but care to explain how to do it?

    Also worth mentioning in terms of installation that Rough Cactus did a few of the installs last time. So if anyone's not keen on doing it themselves... or coming over to my place after the purchase and doing it themselves but assisted/guided (bribed with booze of course), then there's always that option.
  19. well me getting there in person isn't gonna happen.

    I can DD you the money though. Can't hurt to have it before the bike ;)

    yeah put me down for one.....

  20. I know a place where you can pick them up for $37.80 each when buying more than 5 units. :wink:

    They charge a delivery of $15 by memory and order must be over $100 excl GST.

    Jaycars wholesale division: http://www1.electusdistribution.com.au/index.asp

    The hassle is you have to be a company (pty, ltd) or school to get this price, and no, I am not elligbile for the wholesale prices :( just have access to it thru work.

    It is a good start for negotiation thou knowing they have a fair markup on them.