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jaycar alarm stuffing up again!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. ok so ive installed all the jaycar alarm system properley, but im having trouble with the indicators.

    ive narrowed it down to one of the yellow wires (yellow is positive to make indicators flash)

    what its doing: all indicators flash as normal locking and unlocking, but when it comes to using the actual indicators, one of the yellow lines is making both of the indicators flash and the other way is working correctly, ( say if i indicate left it will work as normal, but when i indicate right both indicators flash)

    im completely stumped ](*,)

    can anyone help, is the system faulty?
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  3. yeah i know but i already opened it before u gave me that link so cant return it
  4. Then sell the jaycar alarm on Ebay and buy an ignitors alarm. SO much LESS hassle!
  5. One of the blocking diodes shorted or a solder bridge across it I would guess. This would give the symptoms you describe. I am guessing there is a blocking diode in series with each yellow wire. One is OK, the one on the indicator works normally on. One is shorted the one on the side that the indicator flashes both.

    Haven't seen the unit, do they give you a circuit diagram?
  6. nah only wiring diagram, i opened it up and it seems to be all good. i wired it up without the shorting yellow line connected so only one side flashes at the moment, it works but i want all to flash!
  7. You may as well buy an alarmed disclock... the ignitor is not a true alarm by any stretch of the imagination, its a toy...an easy to install one but a toy none the less

    If you want a proper bike alarm look at either of these..., great security without stupid prices. A little more than the Jaycar, but less then the Ignitor ($198 LOL...ouch!)


  8. mm 2 wires would make it simple to disarm.
    ive gone to extreme lengths to stealth this system so i want it to work.
    should i take the brains unit into jaycar an see if they will exchange it? it passed QC but there has to be something going on with the indicators on the circut.
  9. Get Jaycar to replace it it sounds like internal fault re isolation between the two indicator leads. Warranty issue.
  10. well i just bought another one becuase the old one is too hacked up, hopefully this one works
  11. yep, the 1st system was faulty. the new system works like it should. happy now
  12. I always like a happy ending :)