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Jaycar alarm and battery drain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by OutbreakMonkey, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hey boys and girls,

    I fitted one of the cheap jaycar motorcycle alarms and ever since if I leave the bike for more than 4 days with the alarm on, the battery drains to a point where it can't turn the bike over.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Or have I fudged it and something is shorting (I've checked once and couldn't find any shorts)?
    Tested the battery and it puts out a healthy ~12.5V when measured not in use. Alternator and reg/rec are working ok.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Some serious sugestions are;
    - Bigger battery (if it will squeeze in)
    - Solar panel type thing to keep it floated.
    - Ride it more often.
  3. How old is the battery? What voltage is across the battery when the bike is running??

    I've got one of them alarms and you're right, there definitely is a power drain... but usually not an issue for a couple of weeks at a time... though I do have a fairly new battery.


  4. Loz and Dave know all about this don't you boys :LOL:
    They were out push starting the SV which also has this alarm fitted cause it had drained the battery.
    Mind you, it had only been 2 weeks that I hadn't ridden it for.
  5. yeah had the same problem with battery being drained. I put in a new battery and haven't had the problem sinice. also i ride it more often now. :grin:
  6. My suspicion is the battery is on its last legs. It charges up OK but if I leave the lights on for a few minutes then try to start the bike it doesn't have enough charge to turn over.
    Normally I ride minimum 5 days a week but because I had the flu the bike sat there for a while. Then like me, when it came time to go back to work, she didn't want to get out of bed.
  7. My 'ole 250 would last for easily 1-2 weeks without running with the alarm activated and the occasional moron bumping into it. My FZR1000 has stood for about 9 days at most and also has no problems with battery drain.

    I'd definitely be thinking the battery is cactus.
  8. Got this problem myself now :mad: can't afford the couple hundred dollars bike shops charge to check it out coz haven't been able to work since April so thought I'd see if there was a solution on here...

    I got a brand new battery put in less than 2 months ago, was starting fine with Jadey riding my bike for me every couple of days until she got the flu last week. Tried starting it today after it hadn't been started for about 5 days and it didn't have enough power to turn the bike over :? :mad:

    Any help??
  9. Sorry you fancy fellows, I wouldn't know, I don't have that problem...I've got a kickstart! :grin:

    As a side note, which Jaycar alarm model are you all using? The "economy care alarm" ($89) ?
  10. Was only a cheap one, it's a Steel Mate and think the model is 886??

    Was from the Group buy that Koma put together early last year...
  11. I've got the exact same alarm from the same group buy - works fine. Last year I had a problem with it (I thought) draining the battery - then the battery died in the arse and after replacing it I haven't had a problem since - though the longest I've ;left mine is four days.
  12. Charged up my battery last night and it fired straight away :)
    I'll have to get someone that knows more than me about electronics to check it out to see where the drain is coz there's definitely a drain somewhere as it's a brand spanking new battery in my bike so definitely shouldn't go flat after not riding the bike for less than a week!

    As for now, will get Jadey to ride it as frequently as possible so that it doesn't drain the battery again before I can get it checked out...
  13. I've had my bikes sitting for as long as 3 weeks now with no issues for battery drain. The only time i had an issue was with my FZR and that was after 7 weeks of no use. It cranked over but just didn't quite have the guts to get it running.

    PS. Azz, you've got PM.