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Jay Leno's Jet Bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by DrewMan, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. seen it before, but awsome machine eh
  2. I'm kinda sad that even Jay Leno can't get it right. I thought he was pretty knowledgable about these things.

    It's a gas turbine, specifically a turboshaft, which turns the rear wheel to move the bike.

    It's not a jet propelled bike.

    A helicopter with a turboshaft isn't jet propelled.

    A piece of shit fibreglass jetski with a faded paint and a boring 2-stroke piston engine is a "jet" vehicle, jet propelled.


    (Sorry, big irrational pet peave of mine)

    Would be interesting to ride, though. I showed a few videos of the MTT Y2K bike to a gas-turbine engineer coworker a few weeks ago, who laughed maniacally every time the bike was started up. :)
  3. Recently featured on Poxtel "Turbo Max" channel too.
    LOVE the sound, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention each time it fires up
  4. Dad was working at some event a few weeks ago and rang me up to tell me that they had a Y2K there. As he was talking I could hear a 'tictictictictic' noise in the background followed by white noise.

    I could just make out his voice saying, "They've just started it... crackle... shi..... call... back..." :shock:

    Unbelievably loud.
  5. I like how his helmet's not big enough to fit in his chin.
  6. I noticed that too! its peeking out from the bottom going.....buahahahha youll never cover me up!
  7. i just watched every bike vid he has... im digging his collection...lucky carnt
  8. OH Yeeeeaaaaaah !!!! Have seen this vid several times, and every time is as exciting as the last !!!
    Brings back very fond memories of some of the turbine aircraft I used to fly...though not far off the sound of current Rolls Royce jet engine equipped passenger airliners.
    In one word : Bliss