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Jay Leno and his Desmo...Lucky bugger

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jimmym, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Wow it sounds amazing. Never heard it before...
  2. I love the pillion-seat warmers, too! And they say Ducatis are impractical. :LOL:
  3. lucky man
  4. Great video. Thanks for the link.

    Gorgeous bike.
  5. fnally i know how to say it!! got a poste at the old mans place but never knew what it was called...i knew it was a duke and i knew i wanted one and thats all i cred about...well i still do but thats not the point!
    very informative...whats it worth?
  6. This due-cart-ee is worth around a hundred grand.

    edit: just found a site saying $70,000 USD.
  7. What's it worth, or how much does one have to fork out to buy one. I think it's worth far less than the asking price! :wink:
  8. I wonder how often he will actually use it.

    There was one at the Halfway Roadhouse on Sunday. Would have loved to have seen it.
  9. love the note that puppy puts out

  10. Ok, the wog in me can't let this one go past...

    It's NOT seh-deee-cheee... It's seh-di-chi. The last two syllables are short staccatto vowel sounds.

    That's a [​IMG] bike!! [​IMG]
  11. Bugger.
    He just reminded me how poor I am.

    Have to go out and shoot myself now.
  12. There was one at Frasers this week, gorgeous - but sold :p