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Jason - Black Kawasaki Crash on M1 Today - Thurs 1/12/11

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by markcpotter, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this fella is on netrider.

    I witnessed a guy crash and stopped to help out this morning on the M1 (Geelong to Melbourne direction) just after Point Cook (Koroit Creek Rd).

    If he you read this or know him (I'm pretty sure his name was Jason but he was in a lot of pain and it was difficult to hear for sure).

    Hope you are doing ok mate.

  2. not sure rider down threads are allowed on here, could be wrong
  3. it just makes it in under the heading of witnessing the accident, being involved or knowing the person involved.

    Any hint of speculation or comment about who might have been at fault, and it will disappear faster than a snowflake in the Sahara.....
  4. Which, with climate change, might last longer than you think :-s
  5. don't start THAT :LOL:
  6. I ended up riding past as the ambos took him away. Big pool of blood. Followed the ambo and a few kms later they turned the sirens off.

    Hope your okay mate.
  7. So, if you know a Jason who rides, and he's not answering his phone, hit the panic button...now!

  8. VicPol probably ordered them to downgrade the emergency because it was a motorcyclist and not a cager.
  9. When you say they turned the sirens off - is that a good thing as in all would be under control or a bad thing as in he might not have made it?

    Bloody hell - I am hoping it is the first - his leg was in really bad shape but I can't imagine it got any more serious than it was with the ambo's arriving.
  10. My names Jason and I ride a black Kawasaki... but I think Im ok... Mostly o_O

    Seriously tho I hope the dude is ok, we have a lot in common apparently..
  11. Contact the police and offer yourself as a witness. You'd prob be able to extract some details at the same time to assuage your curiosity.
  12. If he deteriorated outside normal parameters they would have proceeded with lights and sirens. In a cardiac arrest, CPR would be initiated (except in extreme cases like hemicorporectomy) and they would proceed Code 1 unless stopping for extra hands to jump in (paramedic CPR is way more involved than compressions and breathing). The Code 1 could've been for a variety of reasons; eg scene/patient look terrible so load and go fast but later discover they are stable, or to be "humane" (think screaming child with burns) or even just get through the worst of the traffic.