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Jardine GP1-R on an '08 Fireblade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by JXD, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Has anybody had any experience with installing this exhaust?

    I've just installed mine and it's touching the lower cowl, i'm scared that if I now turn my engine on i'll melt the lower cowl. -_- i'm reluctant to take it to a mechanic as yet zzz
  2. why dont you take a LOT of photos and post them so we can admire and offer help at the same time :)
  3. 08 fireblade like the one in your avatar?
  4. GP1-R Semi-Installed photo's

    I think it would be more for mirin than help; so I took *dodgy* photos =]

    I figured this thread would be a long shot as i've never seen a GP1-R down under :(

    If I put the lower cowl in, the headers would be sitting on it completely.

    You can see how close it is to the radiator. The second header (not shown) is actually touching a fan.

    Just for a little perv.

    My avatar is my old MC22 :)
  5. Have you contacted the manufacturer? Doesnt seem right..

    My blade is the same model as yours. Still have the stock exhaust.

    That exhaust is one of the best sounding systems I've heard. But I havent had a chance to see it irl.

    Really looking forward to seeing what it looks like when its finished. :)
  6. Jardine are American made -_- a few people in the US had their radiator fans melt but nobody posted a solution up yet.

    Mechanics are fully booked with people prepping their rides for the GP, but I managed to get A1 to look at it this morning. I'll post up their findings later.

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  7. After many days of not receiving a call from the mechanics, the pressure was killing me but exhaust is all installed. A1 Brighton reckon they spent a good 8 hours trying different methods to get it on properly; when they held onto it for days I thought my bank account would empty. They capped me at 4 hours labor.

    In the end, they cut out the lower fairings and removed one radiator fan. I've kept a strong eye on the temperature the past few days but all runs well. I had Chinese fairings so it didn't bother me too much and I knew they didn't fit perfectly so I assume that's the main problem until I can find some white OEM.

    I'm trying to find a place to have her tuned (preferably next week) but not sure where I can get to. Dynobike look promising but Dave wants an upfront payment and is making it difficult for me to contact.

    Here's a peek =]

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  8. Ahh nice, i thought you had been duped by sumoto into thinking you had a 2008 250RR or something of the sorts haha. Looks good though, a very interesting design for an exhaust, i forsee the coppers giving you hassles but fcuk em.