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Jardine GP1 - Ninja 250r

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Cam0, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had one or has heard one in person are they really that loud? Video's on youtube aren't the best way to really tell.

    I've tried to find info such as Db reading etc. but came up short.

    I know they will attract negative attention (From the police) as well as the fact its on a 250, However, I really like the look and sound and thought it wouldn't hurt to look into them and ask a few questions.

    Cheers guys,

  2. please dont put an exhaust on your 250cc twin. they are as bad as fart cannons on excels.
  3. Yeah that's true but there are tasteful sounding exhausts for the Ninja. My one had a Megacycle slip on which beefed up the sound without being obnoxious.
  4. They do sound bad. However it is a safety feature to have one, the stocks are dead quiet.
  5. That's the main reason I want one, after picking up the bike and on the way home I was driving in my car with the radio off and all the windows up etc while my mate rode the bike and even side by side I just could not hear him at all!
  6. Get some clothes pegs and a pack of cards to beef up the sound of the stock exhaust.
  7. I haven't heard a Jardine, however the Two Bros I had on was the loudest compared to Yoshi, Megacycle and Akras I've heard.

    After I installed it, I noticed drivers noticed me more and the number of cut offs reduced significantly.
  8. I know they don't sound the best with a pipe, but it's more about safety. They are close to whisper quiet which is not what you want a learner to have.

    Before you spend big bucks on a name brand, check out the Dan Moto pipes. I've just put one on a Ninja, it's the carbon and I also got the insert while I was at it and sounds better in. Cheap as chips, pretty decent quality and good service.
  9. That's good advice cazzo, Dan Moto have really cheap pipes. Not worth spending big bucks on a 250
  10. I second that ive got a two brothers on mine that ive just debaffled and people actually move over. its great seeing people actually looking around to see where the hell the noise is coming from.
  11. One of my mates had a Two bros the other had a Akra, the GP1 is well under $400 shipped from the states, one of the cheaper options.
  12. Asking people what exhaust is better is never going to end well. As you know i think the two bros and akra are the best two, two bros for outright noise and akra sounded nice without being obnoxious. You obviously want the jardine so just do it and regret it later or buy the akra