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Jardine "GP" exhausts.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Thinking of putting a Jardine "GP1" exhaust on the new gixxer.
    Anyone got one??
    Are you happy with it??
    Is there any real gains?? (exept for the looks;))
    And where can I find a distributor in Melbourne.

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  3. there is a 2008 gsxr750 at tafe that got one put on last week, looks unreal and sounds sooooo good. if i get a suzuki it will be the first thing i buy!
  4. yep got 1, gains are, looks good, sounds better, better mid range
  5. Can you get the dual GP1 for the K9 GSXR750, or is the dual only available for the thou?
  6. My neighbour just put a Jardine pipe on his GSXR750, man and let me tell you. . . what a lovely sound, every time he starts it, its like music to my ears (and my sons) but not my wifes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Not sure, But I'd like to know if they do or not.
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  9. I Just fitted a twobrothers VALE on my k7 750 today :grin: ordered from the states and saved a mint :grin:
    I can tell ya the thing is bloody loud, deep and very throaty! im absolutely inlove with it :grin:
    check out www.morepowerracing.com
  10. thanks for that link!!
    How much did you have to pay for the postage??
  11. Would be nice... the dual version of the GP1 is hot :wink:

    Shame :(

    Might see what I can come up with, and possibly work at getting the dual for a 750 even if one is going to be purely for looks!
    Where theres a will, theres a way :cool:
  12. Only way ya gunna get a dual system on a 08-09 750 is remove the cat which have to be chopped off after the SET vavle (unlike the 06-07 which IS NOT welded to header pipes and can be removed easily) then make up a Y mid pipe.

    I have an 06 750 with a Jardine GP-1 slash cut and it is loud as hell but sounds tits.
  13. Interesting.... will look into it, do you know approx how much id be looking at to convert it? If its going to be too pricey I wont bother...
  14. Not sure how much its gonna cost. maybe there is a way to do it urself. I was lucky enough that my fat cat just slipped off :grin:
    Ahh the sound is priceless with a strait through can :LOL:
  15. Price wise I wouldnt have a clue, a motorcycle exhaust shop would be able to make a Y mide pipe, I wouldnt think it be to expensive and then the purchase of the Jardine dual slash cut ontop.

    The only concern Id have is the Left side pipe that comes back under the linkage as it a pretty tight squeeze so it would have to be spot of with fitment.

    Also cutting the cat off the headers is a warrenty issue and if ya get pinged for noise ya pretty much screwed as ya cant put the stock exhaust back on.

    Personally I would leave the cat on, remove the muffler piece and put the small slash cut pipe on.