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Jardine 09/10 exhaust on a 2011 Daytona 675 Special Edition

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by golgy, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    Sorry for those who are on Triumph675.net - crossposting to see if I can get more input.

    Recently purchased a brand new Daytona 675 SE. Found out that its apparently listed as the 2011 year bike, which confuses the hell out of me - but hey. Bought a Jardine RT-1 CF slip-on from the guys at BGW, however the dealer has had some problems getting it to fit. Apparently the pipe fits snug up against the exhaust heat-shield. I've suggested removing the heatshield but they're adamant that the tail would melt. Google doesn't mention anything like brackets changing for the 2011.

    I've had a bit of a search around some forums but either I'm terrible and can't find anything, or nobody has had reports of this exact exhaust not fitting on a 2011 SE bike. Does anyone have any hints/tips, or can say either way if this exhaust will fit on my bike? I love the sound of the Jardine so I'm pretty keen to get it on the bike.

    The dealer still has my bike, so I'm unable to get hands on until delivery - but if I can get back with specific instructions then I can get them to try some things. Alternatively, if anyone has some well recommended exhaust places that they can suggest, I'm happy to call around.
  2. Why would that confuse you mate?
  3. Oh, i just dont understand the release cycle of stuff. For a bike that was released, and sold in 2010, it is labelled as a 2011 bike. Just strikes me as odd.
  4. Dealer is an idiot. Tell them to get rid of the heat shield. I've got a Jardine on mine sans heat shield and the tail hasn't dripped away in a molten mess yet.

    Maybe find another dealer for your servicing if something this simple has confused them so much.
  5. yeh the undertail wont melt. Ditch the heatshield. Ive got a titanium jardine on my fireblade and it hasnt melted anything yet. Plus youve got the CF pipe so it wouldnet get as hot.
  6. I've ridden a 675 with jardine on. Didn't have a heat shield.
  7. Well that's all good news. I'll probably sort out fitting it myself and go get the remap done somewhere. I don't have a cable to do it myself nor the software.
  8. I think the dealer was erring on side of caution so as to mitigate any possible responsibility they may have in respect to damage that may have been caused be removal of said heat shield should have it been done and the tail turn into a molten mess
  9. Almost certainly. Though, jardine's are on non-SE bikes a lot - and although the sub-frame bracket is different for the 2010 and 2011 SE models, the battery tray is the same since the 2006 model, and across SE and non-SE. They should have just removed it like I asked, and followed the damn instructions :/
  10. I'm always 900 bucks away from a Jardine. Lucky bastard.
  11. Take your bike to Charlie the Triumph Legend

    Turn 1 Automotive
    34 Stubbs Street
    Kensington Vic
    (03) 9372 1299
  12. Get one Mitch - transforms the riding experience.

    gogly check out www.triumph675.net and search for TuneECU - $20 cable from eBay, free remapping software. I haven't had a chance to play myself, but seems to be getting good feedback.