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Jaqhama and Sleddog's Syd City Pub Recon: Mon 10/4/06.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaqhama, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Jaqhama, Sleddog, Shalako and Chrisse are going to be riding around Sydney City checking out pubs and cafes for future Netrider meets.

    Anyone is welcome to come along, it will probably only be for a few hours.

    Meeting place is right at the end of George Street, under the Harbour Bridge in the Rocks.
    Old toilet block on one side of the road, a park on the opposite side.
    Meet there at 7pm.
    Depart for God knows where about 7.20pm.

    We will be visiting a couple of the maritime pubs in the rocks, after that we have no actual plan.
    If we find a good pub right away we probably won't even leave it.
  2. if you can take some pictures of these places :)
  3. Dont have a digi cam mate.

    And my cell phone is unique in the fact that it is actually just a telephone, not a mobile film studio. :LOL:
    Same for Lin and Sled I think.
  4. http://www.glenmorehotel.com.au/


    This is two pubs that are 200 meters from the end of george street in The rocks ,if people can't find george st in the city and follow it to the end ,well they are not from sydney.

    These are just a few hotels ,that i know that are quiet mon-tue -wednesday.
    The only people in the hotels are couple of tourists or a few city office workers ,there not really what you call a locals pub.

    The saltwater croc pizza sounds good ,the emu gives me gas ,and taste like a cross between a platapus and koala bear. :LOL:

    Like jaq said it's a recon mission ,so it will be stop and start checking things out and see if some people like the places.
    Either way its a dinner and a chat and small cruise around.
    I will even give a historical run down of the area a few ghost storys ,as i lived there most of my life i know a few tails .
  5. Lord Nelson is a great pub down the rocks with thier own beers + normal commerical rubbish.

    The James Squire brew house down on the King St wharf is a really top spot as well. I have spent man an afternoon in there trying the range of James Squire beers. They have a heap of space to sit down either inside or outside.
  6. jeebuz, i thought mine was the only one left that got used for making and receiving calls!! :LOL:

    mobile film studio :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Immma lend dog my cam , since i never use it. Someone needs to bring a cam for these events
  8. I've got a digicam, hopefully I'll remember to take it with me Mon morning.

    :LOL: I'll bring sleeping bag

    My bike's specialty at the moment :roll:
  9. I'll try to make it tomorrow. I'll bring a camera
  10. Damn, I finish work at 5 tomorrow but have night time uni from 6 - 9...Other wise I'd come alone and pester you lot. I work just along george street too.

    Next time, then.
  11. Sled, you are an evil man: I haven't heard that one for years! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I'm in. I have a good digital camera I can bring. Can take heaps and heaps of high res images - not that we could post them anywhere here.
  13. Chrisse you are seriously funny. :LOL:

    Lin and I rode around the Rocks this afternoon, sort of a pre-recon recon.
    You won't find a quieter pub than the Palisade Hotel, apart from the bartender we were the only ones in it. :LOL:

    BUT...I have discovered the secret rendevous of Sydney Scooterists.
    Tues night is Trivia Night at the Palisade and many scooter riders go there.

    A bikie club sometimes drinks there daytime Saturday.
  14. I drank at the Palisade years ago, used to be a busy pub when the wharfs were running.
  15. Best we stay away from them then. Lest we start some bikie group turf war. I can see it already.... latte's at ten paces.
  16. Yeah, that's what I thought as well mate.
    But the Palisade is a real pub, they don't do latte's.
    I suspect the scooter folk may be tougher than we have anticipated!
  17. Mmm The pali ,i have 1 or 2,000,000 beers there over the years ,there is not many people going there after the wharfies got thrown out about 10 years ago.
    I used to work the bar ,painted the cellar ,my wife cleaned the rooms ,mum run the bistro ,dad did the maintinace ,uncle run the joint ,so i sort know it .

    Jaq i think you where there on a buzzy day ,normaly the barmans asleep.

    I stoped going there about 5 years ago ,new owner is a idiot ,he tryed to make it a trendy pub ,its just to far out of the way for the yuppies.
    H.D rider drink there to some nights ,the HD riders with the silver pony tail hair cuts and have shannons insurance.

  18. im a scooter :( sif stay away from me
  19. It's not what you have
    it's what you do with it

    words of wisdom from Chrissie...
    Size does NOT matter :LOL: