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Japanese walers take hostages.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. I seriosly hope these guys get thrown in jail for assult, illegal detention, and whatever else can be thrown at them...
    But no that won't happen because they are on a japanese registered vessle and the Japanese government approves of there conduct.


    THE Japanese whaling ship holding two activists, including an Australian, will release the men only if a list of conditions is met, the Sea Shepherd conservation group says.

    Australian Benjamin Potts, 28, and Briton Giles Lane, 35, crew members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel Steve Irwin, boarded the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 in Antarctic waters yesterday afternoon to deliver a written plea to stop killing whales.

    A witness said the pair were tied to the rails of the ship and immersed up to their waists in freezing seawater after an attempt to throw one overboard.
  2. Would the Japanese be classified as pirates for this type of conduct?

  3. I suspect there's more to this story than we'll ever be told by either side.

    In particular I'm sceptical of this bit

    not because I think whaling crews are particularly cuddly and harmless, but because I find it hard to believe they'd be stupid enough to pull such a stunt when highly likely to be filmed or photographed whilst doing so.

    I think very poorly of whaling, but I'm afraid my propaganda alarms all go off when I'm told that the enemy eat babies and crucify kittens (or tie nice people to their vehicles, Mad Max II style).
  4. Actually, I think the activists wil be.

    The last story I saw on the Australian was that the Japanese are trying to hand them back over but the Steve Irwin is preventing that (not unlikely given the controversy the activists are trying to make).

    It's illegal to board someone elses ship without permission, no matter what your cause is.
  5. No, the hippies would be classified as pirates for boarding a ship at sea without permission, with hostile intent.

    They're lucky they weren't shot.
  6. And since when would these nutters manage to get on board and then politely deliver a letter? I wouldn't have been surprised if they were attempting sabotage of some description; 2kg of semtex in the engine room, smashing navigation equipment, pi55ing in their coffee, etc etc.

    Definitely more to the story.
  7. 1 rumour is they were trying to throw a rope into the propellers of the ship.
  8. I can never understand why they do stupid sh!t like this, like when that idiot grafittied the opera house. Aren't they trying to get the general public on-side?
  9. I'd find it hard to gain access to any large ship out of port, esp without help from the crew. They could have been given access (for whatever reason, ie they pretended to be drowning) and made their letter delivery...

    Personally, a mail drop isn't classified as hostile intent, unless its got Sars in it...

    See it for what it is, evil Japaneese... (No i'm not an activist)...
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  11. Crap they got on board easy.

    I don't agree with whaling but also the hippies are a PITA too. Of the two however, I'd have to say the hippies are the lesser of two evils. Surely whaling isn't that important to the japs that they even bother with world opinion being as it is. Australian govt is prob worried about lost tourist yen. :roll:
  12. "Repel boarders" is still a legitimate order.

    fcuk 'em -- they tried to board a ship of a sovereign nation in international waters. (The rest of the world doesn't give a rat's about Australia's "claim" to the waters; it's not recognised and is possibly in breach of several international conventions.)
  13. Turn the tables........

    You are on an Australian fishing boat, fishing for flathead (or something), the crazy Jap hippies have been doing stupid things trying to stop you killing their protected species, two of the crazy Japs boards your ship..... man I'd give em a hiding and throw them overboard!

  14. but its cold in the Antarctic!!!

    to read more about the antics of SeaShepard see their site http://www.seashepherd.org
  15. If it's that cold I'd warm their boat with a torpedo lol
  16. regardless of how the protesters look to the public, the whalers look worse.

  17. I'd be checking our territorial water 'claims' and the validity before you go and make such a broad statement about any breaches of international law/conventions :LOL:

    There is alot of posters on here that have been out patrolling our waters and territory's, are you saying we were breaking the law by detaining/boarding illegal fishermen etc in the coarse of our sworn duty's ?

    Ps: I'm against whaling for any reason, all prouducts derived from whales can be made cheaper and quicker synthectically theses days.
  18. Exactly, if the protestors didn't have permission to board and they don't have any legal jurisdiction to board(eg. military or Police under certain circumstamces), then they are in effect performing an act of Piracy themselves. So lock them up. Wankers.
  19. As a veteran of many a boring mission patrolling our seas, and reporting on the occasional detection of illegal fishing here is the deal:

    There is a difference between Territorial seas and the Economic Exclusion Zone(EEZ). Territorial seas are like making landfall, innocent passage through an Econimic exclusion zone is not illegal. Fishing without licence in the EEZ is illegal, hence the regular boarding and detention of illegal indonesian fishermen up north. These blokes are nowhere near territorial seas on most cases but if they are fishing, or have fished, then they can be prosecuted. However, in the whalers case I don't believe these Antarctic waters are recognised as Australian. There is only a handful of countries that recognise Australian claim to these Antarctic waters and Japan isn't one of them.

    As such, unless it can be proved otherwise in an international maritime court, Australia has no jurisdiction over these Whalers and regardless the protesters have no rights to board her without permission. What they did is textbook piracy regardless of what their motives or intentions were. And if they were lobbing "harmless stink bombs" onto the ship, how do the Japanese crew know what it is as it is happening. They had every right to detain these idiots with force to protect the safety of their crew and their ship.