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Japanese tow truck bikes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by waedwe, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Anyone seen these before?

  2. Seriously, japan has all the cool stuff.
  3. We could use them here.
  4. Clever little buggers..
  5. Thats pretty cool
  6. wonder how much they cost :eek:
  7. Yup, seen these come up a few years ago.. probably on here actually. Instead of having to buy extremely expensive trucks to do the job, they use (considerably cheaper) bikes with special trailers like this.

    Haven't seen them used in aus though.
  8. surely they would have to use enormous engines with massive fuel reserves? 150 odd hp bike would be a lot less powerful and efficient when towing a 1.5 ton car.
  9. Goldwings do have pretty big 1.8L engines and fuel reserves. :)
  10. Peak power of a goldwing is even less than that, more like 120hp.

    They make sufficient torque to pull a car, remember they dont have to go fast.

    Theres certainly no need for huge american tow trucks in japan.
  11. Yeah, Goldwing would be the best bet. Either that or a rocket 3.
  12. I could be wrong, but looks chinese or even korean.
  13. A quick Google search came up with THIS.
    While it does make sense for Asian countries where most of the cars are small hatches I'm sure it would be just as handy in the crowded streets of most European capitals where there is also a move towards the smaller variety of cage.

    To save the less link inclined, the Goldwing is the preferred starting point.

    Another link - this time the North American distributor.
  14. Clearly they work, over there.
  15. That Japanese transformer trailer bike is seriously too cool for school :-s
  16. That is awesome and very smart. Well done to the inventor.
  17. haha so so mad! id love one of those to come pick my cage up :D
  18. Awesome. Get one of the bikes and a cage + trailer and you can take whichever suits your fancy and tow the other.