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Japanese riding boots

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigfella, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Trundling in the cage to work today down Chapel St and saw a rider coming the other way on a blue R1. Didn't think much of it until I stopped opposite him and saw that he was riding in a pair of rubber thongs!!! He had gloves, leather jacket, helmet and pants but thongs??? WTF? :? Had to laugh but then started to think of the skin & bone loss if he came off and nearly blew chunks!

  2. carefull you will get flamed by the free speech and free choicers for voicing your thoughts on this :)
  3. Not another thread about squidding. :roll:
  4. A good friend of mine who is a emergency ward nurse (rides a KTM 950 Adventure) is so angry seeing people wearing stuff like thongs he now abuses them when ever he see's them (he's 6'8") Most of the motorcycle injurys he now see's are road rash. His warning to the T shirt and thong brigade is don't crash you will be shown no mercy by hospital staff. I can tell you that he has told me some very very grissaly stuff about bad road rash. If you think I am intruding on your rights to wear what you want TUFF. I don't what the goverment to start telling me what to wear because some morons have been badly injured riding with thongs on. :soapbox:
    Would you believe the hospitals are gearing up for high numbers of road rash this summer !
  5. LOL just my thoughts is all, anyone else who could defend this idiot ort to have a good look at themselves :p
  6. I could understand on a scooter... but simply can not fathom how someone who rides a motorbike and changes gears on it can possibly think "Yeah, thongs are an awesome idea to wear on a ride."
  7. I do that all the time if it wasn't the cold..
  8. I dont really understand what the problem is here, don't you know if you don't wear thongs on the bike the bottom of you left foot will get sore from changing gears :roll: :roll: :grin: :grin: