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Japanese parts prices are out of control

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kols_kebabs, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I spoke to my mechanic for the first time this morning since putting my bike in the shop and he gave me a run down of how much the various new parts will cost to get my bike back on the road.

    Apparently the crankcase is cracked, so I'll need a new left side to the engine- $200, which isn't too horrible considering the damage.

    but it gets worse

    New gear lever- just the lever, nothing else- $150 :evil: rediculous- it's not a complex or expensive part. The mechanic said he was shocked when he heard it too, and said he'll try to simply bend the old lever into shape.

    Left side front mirror- $100 :evil: it couldn't cost more than a few dollars to put together, should be priced at more like $20. He said its unlikely there are any aftermarket mirrors that will fit, so the expensive yamaha replacement is the only option.

    Left front indicator- $100 :evil: He said he'd try and find a decent aftermarket one though, which should be around $60. The difference between the price of Yamaha's ripoff part, and the aftermarket price shows how much they are screwing us.

    He said all up, it'll probally cost around $737. Not sure if he's including labour. Promised to ring around wreckers to try and find a used crankcase to reduce the cost, which is very decent of him.

    I'm really quite pissed off at the rediculous prices. Japanese bikes may be cheap when new, but as a whole consumers are obviously being abused by the Japanese big four, who know they can get away with it- Who else is going to supply the parts?
  2. welcome to the world of owning a rare bike kols :) all I can say is: wreckers, findapart.com, indicators: just get any old aftermarket ones. im running 2 sets of $20 indicators on mine and they fit and work perfectly. (and look better). re: the mirror, not too sure about that, but have a look around for aftermarket bits, there are generally a few around. and the reason the big4 charge like woulded bulls? because most riders have full insurance, and insurance pays it. fairings, $2000 for a set, i heard that a full set of fairings for the 06r6 comes in at $6500 or something absurd like that.
  3. Get the parts yourself and save some money.

    Either aftermarket or second hand will save you a heap of that. Pleanty of mirrors will fit, and most Yam indicators and levers (or is yours a Brembo lever?) of the same era will probably be the same.

    You could also try wreckers/ebay for the engine cover, as it shares its engine with the XT660.

    Those parts prices are in the ballpark for genuine. That's how a lot of manufacturers make their money. If they didn't charge that much for genuine spares, we would probably see the prices of new bikes go up to compensate.

    Err, and did you realise that your bike wasn't built in Japan, but in Italy?
  4. Yeah, I know it's made in italy, but the parts I damaged are hardly the trick ones, like the brembo brakes, paoli forks etc... They're just common stuff.

    The engine's used in heaps of stuff actually- XT660, XTX660 (supermoto), MT-03, Raptor 660cc quad bike, late model Aprilia pegaso, just off the top of my head. So parts are out there (though admittedly most of those bikes are late models, so no used parts).

    I tried to tell this to my mechanic. Hopefully he takes it into account when looking for parts.

    I'm kind of antsy. The bikes been off the road 3 months already- largely because I was too injured to ride it anyway. I could search for all used parts myself, but holidays start on monday, so I'm willing to lose a few hundred dollars at this point just to get the bike back. The guy working on the bike (Newcastle Motorcycle Doctor) is a very decent, hardworking guy, so I'm sure he'll cut costs wherever he can.
  5. I know, just joking around :wink:

    You either pay genuine prices or replace the stuff with cheaper pattern copies. There is some difference in the quality, I guess it comes down to how fussy the owner is.
  6. Get onto the wreckers and findapart for secondhand bits.

    Get aftermarket blinkers, like $30 for a pair (not ADR approved though) and you can get fancy looking ones like fake carbon fiber or flush mounts :grin:
    Generic black pod ones which are ADR cost $50 each, but look boaring.

    Bend the lever if possible.

    Can the mirror be fixed by just new glass, some glue and bending?
  7. How bad is the damage on the crankcase

    if its not a hole just a crack take it to your with a tig welder takes 10 to weld em up lick of paint jobs done

    Done it before and works a treat even used araldite to glue up crankcase when a rod tryed to get out that bike did another 40 k before it got chucked off the ocean road in a blaze of glory (totalled it completely that time)
  8. ahh I feel your pain. Try it next time with something british... and then price parts :wink:

    for you here are some websites that re going to be helpful in you search for parts.

    great site for bits plus fiche for most bikes! he claims not to sell out side the us but my best freind has had many donors from him.

    great prices once you have the part numbers but there is a $100usd min purchase and he is paypal friendly.

    between these two you should be able to come up with something for your bike...
  9. When guestimating bike parts costs I generally double what I think the equivavlent car part will cost.

    this is saying something given the cost of genuine car parts these days
  10. Another possible source is www.bikebandit.com after using the "microfiche" on Ron Ayers to look up the part numbers. I've bought a few parts through them and been happy with their service. They offer a couple of options re shipping, I went for the faster, more expensive choice and had my parts within a week of placing the order. If anything needs back-ordering etc they'll let you know and give you the option of cancelling if you don't want to wait.
  11. Thanks for the links, had a look through those sites, but there's no mention of my bike (which I beleive unhelpfully was never imported to the US), or even any of its common engined competitors. I guess Americans just hate singles :)

    I did a trawl through ebay and found this:

    Used Flywheel cover from the common engined 660cc Raptor. Not bad for $33 Aus. I'm not sure how much damage has been done to the bike though, so that may be the only part I need, or I may need a whole lot more. Visually thats the most damaged part of my engine at least.
    Either way, I'm now sure I'll try my hardest to get anything but the genuine parts. There's lots of parts for the Raptor all over US Ebay.
    I'll try and find something domestic first, see what turns up at the wreckers.
  12. Yeah try parts for a classic z900 $2800.00 for exuast, Replica side covers $200 ea :shock:
  13. Good luck finding the parts.

    Look at the bright side...you're not getting parts for a Triumph. I hear they cost an arm and a leg in Australia.
  14. Most riders have full insurance?

    Be nice to think so, a lot of younger riders cannot afford it.

    A lot of older riders don't bother.

    Many just have third party in case they whack a Porshe.

    I don't think a lot of you realise just how many people there are in Oz now that just cannot afford much more than the bike and some riding gear.
    Few people budget insurance costs into thier original bike buying fund.
    It's ok if it's on finance, you can just include it.

    Finance is a mugs game, better to just save the money and wait till you have enough.
  15. Kol, buy a Z! Mirrors, $28 off Ebay, new switch block $70 off Ebay, Tanks about $150, side covers $40 a pair, indicators $75 pair new reproduction, complete running engines $500, etc.
    They are cheeeeep to own!
    You know you want a Z!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Someday I'll own a Z for sure. It won't be the one you're selling though. Don't tempt me, I'm addicted to buying bikes. I've only had my licence ~18 months and this is my fourth bike. I love this one Soooo very much more than all the others though. For those of you stuck riding 250's, you just wait, there's a whole other world out there.

    I am impressed- $500 for running engines, wish I could pick one of them up for this bike.

    It is very tempting to buy your Z. I'll have the money when my tax return goes through in 2 weeks. But if I look at things objectively, the SZR really is a better bike, so I should sink all my money into making it better again.

    It seems rather absurd that for the price of repairs on this bike, I could buy one perfectly good ol' school bike. But the SZR's my baby, so I have to look after her first.
  17. I was just kidding dude! But it serves as a bit of advice for people, something I learnt from years of owning old cars. Buy the vehicle that you can afford the parts/find parts for!
    It's one of the reasons I went for the midsize Z in teh first place.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Depends on what you ride - my '82 Bonnie is easy to get spare parts for and most parts are way cheaper than their Japanese equivalents...