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Japanese Motorcycle Gymkhana

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by adeptacheese, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. #1 adeptacheese, Apr 6, 2007
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    I'd like to see some squid stunters pull this off

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Round1 ジムカーナ1

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Round2 ジムカーナ2

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Round3 ジムカーナ3

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Round4 ジムカーナ4

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Final ジムカーナ5

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,Highlight of super skillsジムカーナ

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,The machines1ジムカーナマシン1

    Motorcycle Gymkhana in JAPAN ,The machines2ジムカーナマシン2
  2. clearly none of them can ride, i didnt see any knees down :p :p
  3. Image showing up to your Ps test and riding like that :D.
  4. I f*cken love it love it love it.

    The ZX9 is too heavy and the bars too low to really enjoy a car-park session on, but Cheng's Across is a blast.

    This makes me want to organise a free-practice session at HART one weekend with their little course and cones setup. Anybody interested?
  5. I take my helmet off to these guys.
    Anyone can ride quick in a straight line. That takes skill ad a flickable bike.
  6. That is sooooo awesome!
  7. :woot: That is a trail rider's, on road comp, wet dream. :LOL: Holy shit! :shock: Where do I sign up to play on that course? :grin:

    Can anyone lend me a CB250? :LOL: