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Japanese Auctions - Anyone bought a bike themself?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daewoo, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I am looking to buy a couple of bikes, either Honda XL650V or Suzuki DL650 Vstrom at auction in Japan and having them shipped to Thailand.

    Have any netriders bought bikes from any of the thousands of auction houses in Japan, or have any connections that might be able to help me...

    First steps on what I am sure will be a long and frustrating road, so any help along the way would be appreciated.

  2. can I ask the obvious question???

    Are you absolutely sure you cant get eithe rof those bikes (or similar) in Thailand? Would sure make life easier.
  3. Just make do with a Baja like everyone else over there does.
  4. You can't buy 'big bikes' from dealers in Thailand... Thai law doesn't allow them to import anything over 200cc, and what they do import they buy from dealers in Japan and go through the same process I would have to... there are some bike shops who will source bikes in Japan and get them registered, but they chanrge a huge premium for the service...

    I have done a few thousand km on Bajas in Thailand, but for serious touring, carrying gear, and covering lots of miles, there is a real need for a proper bike... lots of the guys are still making do with aging Africa Twins, but I would like something newer...

  5. The auctions used to sell to licensed buyers/brokers only and in a dutch auction system.. (200, 190, 180 buzzz - sold). When I was overseas I used to buy quite a few cars/commercials from the Japanese brokers and even with their mark up (around USD500 per car) they were very cheap. I bought a 5tonne tipper once and whilst the guy wouldn't discount it he said he would look after me. When it arrived there was a Toyota Starlet turbo sitting in the back of it...freebie. He had paid USD150 for it at the time. That was through Trust Co ( http://www.japanesevehicles.com/trust/japan/en/index)

    From what I understand the bike brokers don't sell individual bikes but by the container load, around 20 at a time. It isn't really worth the hassle otherwise as the margins are less than in cars. However, everything has a price and if you pay up front you may get a broker will go shopping for you.

  6. Thanks titomike

    unfortunately, my brother has only oved back from Japan this month, otherwise I could have asked him to look into it, although, after the trouble he had doing simple things like getting a mobile phone, I don't think he would have been much help...

    Thanks for the link... a container load won't help much,as you need to split the bike and have it sent to two different places as 'parts' to avoid 300% duty...

    Thanks for your links, I'll keep looking into it...

  7. I was talking to a friend who lives in Taiwan, and they have the same problem as yourself. The laws are slowly changing there and they are starting to get some bikes over 250cc.
    But as my friend said, the cops ride crappy 250cc cruisers, or they drive stock four-cylinder cages. So they get all the 'non-legally aquired' big bikes from japan, and then don't register them, instead just outrun the cops.
    It's a laugh, but if you do get caught ...

    Note: I do not agree with the non-legal actions described here.
  8. In Thailand, the cops have to buy their uniform, buy their own gun and motorbike... so some ride 100cc scooters, and some 200cc cruisers... they get $Au500 a month pay and are allowed to collect a further $Au500 a month through other means...

    I do know a guy who was fined $10 for riding a bike on the tollway (not allowed) so he offered the cop another $6 and got a police escort to where he was going... :LOL: