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Japanese auction sites

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Climbatize, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of any Japanese bike auction sites?

    Looking for a bike that is of very few numbers on these shores.. well for a decent price anyway. Does not matter if the site is in Japanese.. it should be.

    If anyone knows of a contact in Aus that can speak with contacts in Japan, that would also be appreciated.

  2. try Yahoo Japan Auctions

    Could be a little dangerous doing it yourself, so I would track down a broker.

    Also if you want to register it, ensure that it is allowed.
  3. I have a japanese friend who also rides, and is involved in import business, asking him if he's interested now. Would you pay him a bit if he hooked you up? Perhaps PM me
  4. Alex @ Otobai wholsalers in Nth Melbourne - it's their core business.
  5. Well, sounds better than my friend
    What do you know about them LearnerFriendly?
    Are they as good as sumoto?
  6. Bit of a Grey area there mate... they used to be the same business until they went their seperate ways, but they import all of sumoto's bikes, but they also do import for many others. Including LearnerFreindly's ;) - speaking of which, have you sold it yet, or decided to keep it for running around in whoop whoop? :LOL:
  7. yeah there is the yahaoo japan auction site......... Ok-Shon i think its called.

    There is some translation program on there, but the translation is sketchy at best, although if you know what your looking for a picture tells a thousand words.
  8. What are you after?
  9. Pardon the hijack for a minute, but hopefully this is relevant enough - I'm looking at the possibility of replacing the motor in my K1 GSXR750 and the suggestion has been made about finding a low-km one ex-Japan. Anyone got any ideas suggestions for this, same or different to finding complete bikes?