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Japan to build our Subs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. So Abbott has decided it might be a good idea if Japan builds our new submarines. Well Tony old boy tell em we wont need the whale watching platform option, some bastard has eaten them all in the name of research.

  2. Things must be bad when your making jokes about it.
  3. Yeah I might vote for your mob if this happens :)
  4. The Guns and Strippers party? We're not officially recognised yet, but you're welcome to write our name on the bottom of the ticket.
  5. Straight to the top of my ticket mate ☺
  6. Well, if ASC didn't completely root anything they've ever been awarded they might have had a fighting chance. And yeah I know being a player in major construction companies that the media often paints the picture they want, but ASC had the chance time and again has never really pulled it off.
  7. Jap subs completely lack character. They're clearly built by engineers and accountants.
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  8. They might have flash backs and build em with a bath plug in the bottom just in case.
  9. The GPS only has one command - enter Syndey Harbour & self destruct
  10. Well that would put them ahead of the Collins class subs anyway.