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Japan Gp this sunday

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Howdy all , Johnny and Brendan have the Gp running this sunday night , please Pm one of us so we know who is coming , or for those who have numbers give us a call.

    Do we all want to watch it live at 11.45 or tape it and rerun it around 7.30 ?

    BYO Bean bag if you can.


  2. LOL@ bring your own beanbag...thats gonna look weird hanging off the back of my Virago!
    But, I'll give it a go :p
  3. The Foxtel coverage starts at 11:45 until 4:30 would we guess that the main race will be on about 3-3:30pm??

    Does anyone know?
  4. Hey

    Hey bren,

    Just wanted to know what time you might play the rerun as i wont be able to watch it on the normal tv time cause its like past midnight. Let me know. cheers,

  5. will be playing it at 7.30
  6. Hey guys

    just checked, GP Japan starts at 9:45am (perth time)...
  7. Hey guy's, I'm taping the 250 & MotoGP off Foxtel during the day for a 7.30pm replay tonight. Looking forward to seeing you guys :grin:

    As a bonus, if anyone is interested, I have some classic video's which can also be on the agenda for the evenings viewing.

    We're in Burwood, only 30 min from Melb, PM us for address.
  8. LOL @ classic vidoes....
    not "the story of O" :wink: :p :LOL: :twisted: :p

    (I have it on DVD if ya want to watch it :oops: )
  9. Ah yes, I remember that one..... that and Debbie does....

    No, strictly motorcycle related (can't mix business with pleasure), old Aussie & world racing.
  10. MotoGP is on Ch10 at 4pm!