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Jap/ So Cal/ deus styled CB360

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pil, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Paint then she is ready. Bare bones bike that aint a show queen but no rat bike either. Daily rider that you wont see another of on your local streets. I love building bikes wish I had more time. Any constructive advice taken. More pics when she is done. Pil

    Drifter Bikes: Northern Beaches Syd
  2. Looks awesome, a touch of the harley flat tracker about it with that orange tank.

    Does the rear wheel contact the subframe when the shocks are compressed?
  3. Its kinda close, lets say you wouldnt want to hit any big bumps on it :LOL: but enough that it isnt going to be a prob.
  4. So what bits are from where?
  5. looking forward to seeing it completed Phil :)
    Should look great!
  6. and the colour choice?
    Satin and gloss?
    clear coat over bare metal?

    there's a whole load of choice for a bike like that :)
  7. that's pretty sweet :) comfortable to ride?
  8. Colour was going to be white, started now Im not so sure. Will be trying my hand at some pin striping also got all the brushes ready not to sure of the out come though I just like the style. No bare metal tried that on my tw200, painfull keeping it shiney. The bits have come mostly from a bike wrecker in syd ( mostly old honda ) plus whatever I had to fab myself. Week off next week so Im thinking it should be finished by then. Pics to come.. Cheers Pil
  9. Nice work...can;t wait to see what it looks like when its done :cool:
    I wish I had the mechanical aptitude for a project like this....I can't even be trusted with a screw driver lol
  10. That looks very nice! What are the mechanical specs?
  11. Its a cb360 74 mod. Nothing tricky done with the motor just tuned and waiting to be ridden. Here it is with the coat of white. I dont think it is the right choice, another colour I think is in order. comments !
  12. I'm certainly no graphical artist type, but it seems to be a bit of a strong contrast to me. It might work if the engine area below it had that sparkling chrome look. Perhaps a colour with a bit of grey in it if you want a white look? Pin striping might make all the difference like you've mentioned though.

    Love the bike though. Nicely done ;)
  13. yeah, this is pretty great.
    i like the rear shocks,
    white doesn't work though does it/.
    you could try a kind of vintage cream colour...with the panels on the side of the tank in a matt black, like the original paint scheme.

    can your control cables run through the handlebars? i've got a 1970 cb350, which i put drag bars on, and it took about half an hour to cut the holes in the bar and route the cables through, and it looks much neater.
  14. The cable thing was going to be a real pain with those long bars so I opted to run them on the outside. That said they dont look all that bad what you can see is the brake line not hooked up so It looks worse than it is. I knew the colour wasnt going to look right but had to try it as I have seen some bikes that look hot painted white, not this one though. Back to the colour chart. Cheers Pil
  15. Before you chuck the white out, maybe try whacking a coloured stripe down the side or something... I don't think it looks so bad.
  16. How about red and blue pinstripes and the number "53" in a circle like Herbie the Love Bug volkswagen.

    It'll give a retro look and a pop culture reference.

    Combined with a retro seat style like it belongs on a VW Beetle and you've got almost a theme bike.

  17. Thinking the same thing.
  18. Nice 360. Is that a CB200 tank? The white looks good but maybe a stripe down the side would help? maybe red? Look forward to some more pics.

  19. [​IMG]
    Thinking black tank with red racing stripe and white pin stripes around the red. Im sick of thinking colours to many choices. This is going to be for sale in the next few weeks so if any of you are interested let me know as a new project is arriving this weekend so I need to make some room. Yeh the tank is a cb200 I like the shape nice and simple. Cheers Pil
  20. Black tank with red stripe is a safe way to go (always looks good). If I weren't so fay away I have to say that I'd be interested myself, very tempting . :cool: