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Jap Police Rider Test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KevS, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Damn that looks like great fun.

    This is why I tell everyone to go do the HART intermediate course, it's the closest you'll get to this sort of training in a non-competitive and organised event. You even get to use somebody else's bike!
  2. Yer it does look like fun, I would love to have a crack at it, especially on someone elses bike
  3. And not a single knee down :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. like the guy with broom that clears the track
    after the fall near end

    Watch it without sound...it is twice as funny!!
  6. . . . . bloody head checks !!
  7. LoL, they dont even check if the rider was okay, it was like....Look at bike then sweep up the mess hahahaaha classic.

    I gotta do me one of these courses. Just awesome.
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    Do a search on Youtube for "gymkhana" if you like this stuff . There is some car stuff on there but some similarly interesting bike watches too.
    Pretty impressive stuff.
    I have no idea how they know where they go to next.

    [media=youtube]QN3z1HhveBk[/media] is worth a look [/url]
  9. Anyone know what the training/test is like here in Oz for bike cops?
  10. Ah wasnt the video I thought it was. Seen a similar one before. Good watch though. Dont think I'd wana try and outrun one of those boys.
    Would like a few lessons off them too.
    Was also good to see a few stacks at the end.

    Interesting to note that I didnt spot a single knee go out when they were cornering.
  11. Although they did have a fair bit of body hanging out.

    Bloody good watch
  12. Yeah, some serious skillz there.
  13. did that course 3 weeks ago it was awesome. $240 for the weekend course. lots of cornering, went through heaps of chicanes. some slow riding too. the hornet600 was fun to ride. i would love to have that chicane course in my backyard so i can do it when i want. the instructors were amazing, they make everything looks easy.
  14. Damn... wish i could do my u turns that fast and that tight!
  15. I saw one of those videos ages ago, and its one of the main reasons why I wanted to do the HART courses. :grin:
  16. Got to do my Ps test in a couple of weeks .. just imagining going through the cones like them.
  17. Right, I'm definitely going to do this HART training. I'd love to be able to zip around like these guys! I do a lot of carpark practice on my own but I've got no idea if I'm getting better or if I'm building up bad habits.
    I think, before I make the jump onto the bigger bike (probly an sv650) it's be a good idea to get my confidence up.
  18. Looking at that, wish I kept my Bandit 250, somehow I think getting a Blackbird to do that would require a tear in the space time continuum.
  19. dear god almighty... just imaging if you next cornering and breaking course made you that good.