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January Photo Competition - Voting - CLOSED

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Big month, great pics, all of them :), good luck picking a winner..

    Start voting, Winner gets to pick the new theme for March

  2. is that the right link gos?....

    oh and i vote for me 8-[
  3. ahh nup lol, tis now, thanks bro
  4. PilgriM get my vote
  5. ..S'gotta be PilgriM for me too!....:)
  6. i vote for lowercase! that photo rocks! and i've never won this thing :(
  7. Boingk for me!

    I'm at work right now so I think I'm just daydreaming of the beach

  8. Para gets my vote, great underwater shot!
  9. i vote smee
  10. Not going to vote for myself although I love my pic... :)

    I like Dan76's shot, the effect with the sun & the surfer in profile just works well..
  11. WolfishGrin for me.
    It's a good "moment in time" shot.
    (on a down side, kinda makes me think of work :cheeky:)
  12. +1 for Smee.
    With WolfishGrin a close second - I'll bet the old fella in the pic could tell some stories ;)
  13. Para gets my vote.
    With DiscoCBR a close second :)
  14. i vote lowercase

    There is something about that photo... It shows a beach with no one on it. As if to say we are all alone.. no one there. But it is still a paradise, still where we want to be. The sun is still the main focus. Beautiful clouds, and warmth. It's not the kind of place we dont want to leave to find others, we want them to join us....

    But i am a bit of a girl at heart, so i may be reading more into this photo than was intended... But itsn't that what photography is about?..?..?
  15. #15 stu_h, Feb 5, 2011
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    So many great shots.

    I vote lower case

    But smee's is awesome too.
  16. PilgriM's shot for me. It's a great shot with a whole world of meaning, :)
  17. para cause i love fish :D
  18. Some great photos there, apologies to boingk with a great photo from Hussikison, but Lucius' photo of the dolphins does it for me. You can't plan for a photo like that....!
  19. smee gets it
  20. My vote goes to Para to break the 4 way tie :)

    Voting closed


    Para picks next months theme