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January Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. :grin:


    Here's a photo of my Hornet 900; widely criticised as being too boring to look at or bother riding. To those critics I say,"Phooey!" :p

  3. Nice pic Kris, to bad theres a boring Hornet in the way of that view :p
  4. Skittles?

    sorry for phone quality, i'll use the SLR camera next time

  5. the ducati monster 600 was able to rent in Amsterdam when i was travelling around europe for three weeks...

    I was very happy seeing as i only attempted to hire a scooter and i managed to get a Duke... the 90euro a day was worth it!

  6. Crikey -how many of those number plates get stolen for use as BBQ hot plates? :shock: :shock:

  7. :LOL:
  8. Kids are away so I thought I would give the bike a bit of a clean.

  9. haha i know that spot.. spent many a evenings there... may i suggest you go through the fence to your left and you can get some better shots...
  10. [​IMG]

    I sooo need a better camera. I wanted to get a pic at night with the lights from Fishermans Island in the background, but none of them turned out. I took this one while waiting for the sun to go down.
  11. road to st albans

    taken with nokia n95
  12. A good friend's new Kwaka

  13. My entry, hope it works.

    A mate on his KTM at Shallow Crossing, NSW


  14. [​IMG]

    the 10 :twisted:
  15. Can't quite catch this guy on the straights

    Sorry you can't see my bike in this one - perhaps that's best as the little Vespa was dirty that day.
    Anyway this foreign clown kept slowing me down on the corners while I was enjoying a spring ride south of Melbourne.

  16. Here's a pic I took from the lookout at Arthurs Seat a couple of weeks ago you can see the headlight nacelle of the Missuses 650 Thunderbird

  17. My RVF @ MAroubra. Looking sexy.
  18. taken in tassie during the week.

  19. Travelling home from the mid north coast on 3rd January we took a gps inspired route from Nana Glen to Dorrigo.

    This pic was taken on Eastern Dorrigo Way. Nana Creek State Forest is in the background. This is a great road - would be fantastic if the 30ks of dirt from Ulong to Dorrigo is ever paved :)

  20. A summer morning on lions Rd (between Kyogle & rathdowney,NSW)


    nice lil' shortcut on a brissie trip