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January Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. OK Folk's, here we go again, let's see what you have for us this month.

  2. My recently sold Honda...


    Was a beaut little starter bike and a great way of getting hooked on motorcycles... I shall miss it!

    Edit: Dropped back to one photo - my bad!
  3. The long paddock south of Hay.

  4. ONE photo per entry!!!!
  5. Thought I'd give this a razz this month. A night shot I took on the weekend of my F4...

  6. [​IMG]

    This photo was taken in Champasak, Southern Laos early last year. On the left is my six foot five German traveling companion Frank, who'd suffered greatly the entire trip as the transport infrastructure in Laos does not cater to a man of his build. The prospect of a three hour journey to the boarder on this motorcycle was the final indignity, the look of horror on his face priceless. The rider on the other hand finds it all quite amusing. As always in Laos it's safety third, I particularly like the riders choice of protective footware.
  7. I call this one, "Failure to Cornermark".

  8. Awesome! I'm not even going to put in a photo this month. No way I could compete with that. :)

    The question is, did you find the ride again?
  9. We (three quarters of the ride group!) eventually regrouped after a few phonecalls, slightly hampered by crazy one-way maze roads and brownyy's confused GPS. XD
  10. this is a picture of our trip up to broken hill on the 25th september 2009. i am riding the tri colour bike with the white and black jacket the wind was that bad our bikes were at 45 degees if not more at times and at times were lucky to see 20 meters in front of us. it is the worst dust ive eva ridden in

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  11. This is a photo I took in July 2007 while doing a weekend ride through Wales. Although the scenery and roads were amazing, I didn't choose the most comfortable bike to tour on..... :?

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  12. [​IMG]

    Stop for a swim and lay in the shade while touring near Omeo.
    This pic is deliberately without bikes ;)
  13. Heading back to Adelaide from the 2008 MOTOGP

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  14. My trip to Nelson Bay, hand feeding the birds from our unit, we had 37 birds come for a feed at 1 stage

  15. Heres my effort taken on Sunday 17th January 10 between Somerset Dam and Esk in Queensland. It was so so hot, and we had just ridden 400klm, but what a great day!!

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  16. [​IMG]

    my bike, taken by a mate... well i pushed the button to activate the shutter, he walked around with the light box.
  17. Um I hope Tim wont mind if I nominate his pic?

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  18. our balcony at lorne over xmas

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  19. Just finished a ride around Tasmania going down the east coast and back up the west coast…

    This was the day that I was at Cradle Mountain… just Brilliant!!!


    to see more of my trip of Tasmania go to the Touring part of this Forum... you will also find my Tour notes going up through the Middle to Darwin and return and also my Nullarbor Tour... :)