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January '06 BIKE magazine

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. BIKE tests 4 600s

    Hornet 600
    Kawasaki ER-6N
    Ducati Monster S2R
    Yamaha FZ6

    Guess the overall winner?

    Yep, a near ten-year old design with some minor '06 updates wins.

    (there's lot of other good stuff in the mag too, expecially a great article about riding in the wet....)

    {Yeah, I know, you can't buy one here so it's irrelevant :wink: }
  2. Guess who cares...........
  3. jeez, padros, I'm disappointed, it took you over an hour to find this thread

    37 people have looked at it

    when's the last time you put up a thread that wasn't a petulant whinge about your so-called rights, would be more the question....
  4. Sorry dude, I know I was a bit slow but I dont share your over zealous ferver for trying to look good in a forum, sitting and waiting for the second a post comes along so I can dribble some more rubbish into.
    See I'm a motorcyclist in a forum rather then an old net nerd who just happens to own a motorcycle. There's a big difference!!
  5. How did the er6n go??
  6. Gentlemen...

    I take it the horny won, Paul?

  7. "I got off the Duke, prepared to be underwhelmed by the ER ... and couldn't have been more surprised. I know it wouldn't pull my socks off, but it doeesn't feel like it's giving away 150cc to the S2R. It's perfect in town with its 125 dimensions and twin-cylinder punt. For a budget bike the finish isn't bad (but don't expect it to look like the Honda in three years).
    i'd swap wavy discs for decent OE tyres - these are truly awful in the wet, as is the styling in any weather" Tom Bedford

    Overall results were Hornet first, Ducati second, Kawa third and the Yamaha fourth; they all HATED it!!!
  8. Yeah, interesting, although any time they stick the Z750 in the test group it beats the Hornet comfortably.

    Interesting also that the ER-6n came up short, considering the amount of great stuff we've been hearing about it from Netriders who have had a hoon on it.

    What was the criticism of it?
  9. You would expect a 750 to come up better than a 600 though it really goes without saying Loz, a bit like having a sport tourer comparo between a hyabusa a GSXF750 and a XJ1300.
  10. How about "The ER-6 is mischievous and full of personality - but it looks like a learner's bike. Where the Honda has a fat 180-section rear tyre and a high level pipe, the Ducati has chunky up-side-down forks and the Yamaha has an imposing stance and angular lines, the Kawasaki has a skinny 150 rear hoop, a scooter-esque silencer, budget suspension and a low, soft appearance with sat-up riding position. It's about as macho and threatening as a knitting circle."

    later "but then again, perhaps Kawasaki's other middle-weight, the Z750, exists to meet these desires"

    which is what you were saying....
  11. actually it came third by about a bee's dick.

    it was neck & neck with the duke the whole way "suprisingly well matched on performance"
    only criticisms were the looks, and the breaking. other than that it was pretty equal to the ducati. it was more Hornet, then duke/er6, then yamaha.
  12. I'm quietly wondering if the steady growth in naked sales here is going to result in the 07 or 08 Hornet making it back into the Aussie range.

    Hope so, it's an evil little fun machine.

  13. the only reason I bought the mag was 'coz.....
    it had a test on the new '06 ZX10r.....a gixxer beater
    as is reported...an awesome bike just got better!
  14. It may beat a gixxer, but it looks like a friendly little frog.

    We'll see how it goes in SBK shall we?
  15. Heya all, on the topic of naked bike comparos here can anybody comment to me on wind buffeting?

    I've got a cb250 and on freeways its aweful at 100km. There is alot of wind and i find i gotta crouch down like sport bike riders to hang on....which on a cb250 can look quite funny i imagine. Or is it cause my 250's a featherweight? would me being on a naked heavier bike make me feel less like a human sail?

    Reason being is i like the look of nakeds but my experience on the 250 makes me think that when i upgrade it'll have fairings
  16.  Top
  17. Put it this way, I'm a big broad bloke, and I've taken the Horn9 to its speed limits a few times. Up until 160-170 the wind isn't a huge issue. Beyond that, the old neck gets a bit sore if you try to cruise for long distances, and the indian waiter head-bobbing effect takes over.

    On a very windy day those speeds are lowered.

    But yes, the speed limiter was what stopped me from going quicker, not the wind, and I've never felt like I was going to get torn off or anything.
  18. So how fast do these commuters go ?
  19. I know what you mean mate - i went for a ride on sunday & I was getting blown around like crazy. couple of times I thought I was going to fly off the road!

    My BF has a naked CB1300. he doesn't notice the wind unless a) it's a heaps long ride and b) the wind is insane anyway.

    for those two instances he sticks his after marked windscreen on the bike. that might be an option for you to consider.
  20. I know the hornet 600 will make about 230. Ample for a commute :)