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[Jan 7, 2015] Wednesday 1/2 Day ride (711 Service Station)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by BanzaiElise, Jan 6, 2015.

Wednesday 1/2 Day ride
Start Date: Jan 7, 2015 07:00
End Date: Jan 7, 2015 12:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

711 Service Station
Pacific Highway, berowra

Posted By: BanzaiElise

Confirmed Attendees: 2
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  1. I'm going on a ride this coming Wednesday, January 7th
    Start at Berowra 7/11. 7.15 for 7.30am start
    Head down to the Berowra ferry -> To Wisemans Ferry -> Up through Central Mangrove -> Old Road and stop at Kangaroo Point (by the bridge) for Brunch/Lunch whatever -> Home.

    P Platers welcome as long as you can look after yourself.

    The idea is to enjoy some nice roads and a couple ferry rides and get home before the day gets too hot.

    The finish venue is a new-ish cafe down by the Mooney Mooney Bridge on the Old Road rather than PiTS. It has nice water views and you can have an unbroken ride up to Cowan afterwards.
  2. OK - I'm in.

    Will meet you at Berowra 7/11 at 7:15.

    OldmaidOldmaid - interested?
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    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
    Am in, see you at the Berowra servo at 7am
  4. GeorgeOGeorgeO damn right I'm in. Will even take a rec day to do it!
    Ja wanna meet up on the way or just at the servo?
  5. Look forward to seeing you all there.
  6. Im in.
    See you there mate
  7. Is the 711 back running again??? It wasn't on the 28/12. The shell is nearby if the 711 is still defunct...
  8. I thought I saw it working a week or so before christmas. As you say, if it is closed we'll meet at Shell.

    Google Maps tells me the ride is only 141km to the finish point.
  9. Maybe we can do 2 laps of the twistys!:D
  10. OldmaidOldmaid - think it's more practical just to meet up there, considering it's nice and early and I'll be waking up on the way there!
  11. Just saw this - in!

    Will leave in 10 - should be there in time.
  12. Thanks everyone for a very pleasant morning. The finishing point exceeded my expectations.
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  13. Thanks for organizing this ride BanzaiElise, it was awesome indeed and you are right that in a weather like this you certainly don't wanna be riding after 1pm :)

    I felt like I was getting roasted on the way home to Sutherland, so decided to take the Lane Cover tunnel and ED tunnel to hide from the sun a bit :)

    It was lovely meeting the usual suspects and seeing new faces on this ride as well, including our newest recruit who might be joining NR soon.

    The café at Money Money was certainly a nice surprise and what a beautiful spot it is indeed.

    Some pics from today








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  14. Nice pics Jalal!! I posted in photos from your ride thread but mine are kerap.
    Was a lovely morning ride, with great company and yes, finished with an unexpectedly good brew and friand! Great spot!
    See youse all next time!
  15. Yeah, am surprised my iPhone 4 takes nice pics like that :)

    I posted them in the other thread as well.
  16. Yes well I have an iPhone mumble mumble S that is redundant but you can talk on it when needed....:wtf:
  17. You were leaving just as Fin, Simon and I were arriving at the cafe. We saw your bike on the top road - we came in the bottom road.
  18. Bugger! Maybe another time...Nowra perchance...weapons are optional...
  19. Maybe, depends on if I'm working and can afford it. How good is the new cafe though? The views are lovely too.
  20. Jalalski, I turned off the highway at Turramurra to have a big of fun on The Comenara Parkway/Yanko Road. I was stopped at the Ryde Road lights when you rode past. You were stopped at the lights at Lady Game Drive where I turned left to get home.

    The slow traffic leading into Turramurra was a little bit annoying but not too bad in the end.

    It was good to meet you all and glad you all enjoyed the ride (except for that truck).