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[Jan 5, 2013] Newbie friendly Dirt Road Mystery Tour around Gippy! (Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CFVFR, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Saturday 5th Jan 2012

    I'm seeing more and more dual purpose bikes here on NR and a few mates have piced one up so thought I'd better post a ride (of sorts)
    Meet at the servo on corner of M420 South Gippy Hwy and C431 Mc Donald's track near Lang Lang.
    Meet time 1030, leave 1100 at the latest.

    Good introduction to some basic dirt roads that are regularly graded.
    Reasonable loop, approx 150-170kms. Taken at a slowish pace as I'll have Lachie with me.

    Why mystery?
    Well, any of my rides are open to interpretation and sometimes downright farcical! But there is fun to be had.
    If you want to Get a few more kms of dirt experience under your belt, then come on down!

    I'll post up some general route but as mentioned, if any riders have an idea of fun roads in the area we travel, then I'm all for ideas.

    Bring a snack, your camera and water. It may be hot.
    If its a total firebrand day then I'll can the ride.
    I'll also post up if a no go in the morning if the weather does its usual shitty on day, glorious the next trick!

    Keep an eye out. Plenty of notice and I've got some time off work, so she'll be apples!

  2. Sounds good, would be a nice finish to my holidays.
  3. I am INski :D:D:D

    my strom loves being dirty. i will also have a go pro by then.
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  4. Interested.
  5. Take the Ninja I know u want too. :bolt:Hang on does it start anymore?:tantrum:
  6. havent ridden the ninja since I got the strom :notworthy: . but naah, definitely the strom for this ride. Horses for courses they say.

    Might take the ninja to high country again. :D
  7. Great!
    Someone with a go pro? I'll bin my bike for sure. Btw. The first drop was with Lachie on the back!

    I'll get cracking on a decent loop. Usually goes toward Leongartha, then Lachie and I head for home via Kurrumburra.

  8. :dance::dance::dance::dance:

    Watching with interest mate. Post up a route link when you can!
  9. Ok you bunch of dirty Malakys!
    Rough route *snigger s* done. (I can't believe it edits s n I g g e r s out wtf?)

    Let's just say that Strzelecki/Waterfall Rd/Grand Ridge Rd and a bit of sealed await your perusal!
    I'm using my hi tech, state of the art piece of paper! So no worries.
    Better yell out to Biggles and ANTO! (my criminal brothers)

    Should complete at the Maccas in Leongartha between 1430-1500 as I've promised the boy a sugar laden Flurry with extra GM shit in it!

    Hi Ho!

  10. Anto and Biggles - you may be interested in this ride / thread!
  11. And Joe, Johnno, ya CAHNS!
  12. Someone say dirt.
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  13. Hmmm nice offer... maybe I might bring the Zeal out of retirement for this one...
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  14. cam getting excited about this one. is there a route you can post? :D
  15. Tis a Mystery!
  16. oh DOH! i just re read that post. how daft of me. sorry!
  17. Seriously, I'm not really google savvy, but I'm getting a better map!
    Should be a good one though.
    Let's hope the awesome weather holds up!
  18. i trust you are well directed with that map, unlike me. I can get lost in Richmond, looking for Punt road. :ROFLMAO:
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  19. #19 AngryAnt, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2012
    If we get lost, we all get lost together.[DOUBLEPOST=1356914113][/DOUBLEPOST]Will it really end about 3pm Cam? I've gotta be back in town by about 6pm-ish.

    Edit: actually more like 7pm so should be ok
  20. Hopefully it won't be too inner loin roast sweltering hot haha.
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