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[Jan 3, 2014] Keen For a Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by BENNY THE JET, Jan 2, 2014.

Keen For a Ride
Start Date: Jan 3, 2014 10:00
End Date: Jan 3, 2014 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT


vic 3156


Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Will be leaving corner of stud road, wellington road at 10am meet at 9.30am 7\11.Thinking about going through Emerald,Gem-brook to Launching Place,through Warburton up through Reeften to Marysville,through the Black spurr back to Healsville for lunch.After lunch want to go up Myers CreekRoad and down Chum Creek Road back through to Healsville to Launching Place and Gem-brook. Will finish at stud and wellington.This is not posted as a learner ride.If learners turn up they will be welcome.I will be riding to the speed limits and take no responsibility for any person that rides with me.

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  2. See you tomorrow Benny.
  3. Will be good to see you mate tired of riding alone:)
  4. Me too!
  5. I might come by. I'll see how I go. I'll be on my KLR 650.
  6. Be good to meet you veom the more the merrier:)
  7. I'll try to catch up later if I won't make it in time. I suppose you'll stop in warby for fuel?
  8. The loop is only 180 km from 7\11 to Healsville but is always better to get fuel when you can,so warby would be safe.
  9. mind if I tag along?
  10. Fek! Shite! Bugger!

    *Takes more drugs*
  11. Not at all tubby,will be a relaxed ride since i've posted the entire route on the forum.
  12. awesome,

    How long do you think the ride would take?
    need to be in frankston at 4:30
  13. I saw this a bit too late... Have fun!
  14. Coming hunting for ya all...
  15. Thanks for the ride today guys, it was a good day.
  16. Great ride today Benny.

    First time over Reefton for me and the best ever run over the Black Spur.

    You actually did a great job with the traffic all day.

    Put me down as a starter for the next ride you're leading.
  17. fcuking great day thanks benny
  18. Thanks for today guys,

    had a blast!!

    Look forward to the next one
  19. Thank-you for all that attended my first lead ride, had a blast. Great bunch of blokes. Good to meet new people and great to catch up with the regulars for my first ride of the New Year. All went well except the spider incident heading towards Marysville (In my helmet). Ps; Thanks Chillidog for teching, really appreciate it. :)
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