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[Jan 26, 2016] Sydney Northern Beaches, Australia Day (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by MichaelR65, Jan 25, 2016.

Sydney Northern Beaches, Australia Day
Start Date: Jan 26, 2016 08:00
End Date: Jan 26, 2016 10:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Dee Why, NSW

NSW 2099

Posted By: MichaelR65

Confirmed Attendees: 4
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  1. How about a group ride starting in Dee Why Tuesday 26/1/15?

    With this unsettled weather the forecast can not be trusted so weather permitting I suggest meeting up at Dee Why beach at 8:00 am and playing it by ear.

    Big Breakfast is on at the beach together with a display of cars and bikes. Meet up at the bike display at surf club car park at the northern end of The Strand at the beach. Route decided on the day. Maybe Palm beach & McCarrs Creek / West Head? Hornsby / Galston / Glenorie?

  2. Good on you MichaelR65MichaelR65 looks like a lovely ride and a chance to have a perve at some bikes over brekkie!
    Hope the weather gods are kind
    Look forward to your lovely pics.
  3. Starting at the Surf Club car park sounds good; my input would be Palm Beach (via coastal route), then up Church Point, West Head, could then head up Mona Vale Road to then head through backroads to Hornsby, through the Gorge, then work something out? Wisemans is always an enjoyed run after that point, and when you're at Glenorie it's almost a must. I'm easy. :)
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  4. And loop back through Royal National Park via Bathurst and Maquarie Pass?

    Sheesh, you youngsters are keen! :) What about coffee?
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  5. Depends how keen you're feeling. ;-)

    There's decent coffee in Avalon and Palm Beach. Could grab some at the Boathouse at Palm Beach?
  6. #6 Andrew West, Jan 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
    Hmmmmm from previous experience of weekend traffic out to Palm beach you might be better off catching a bus :banghead:. How about Old Rd up to Mangrove Mountain Club for a drink or if breakfast has worn off a bite to eat. I was introduced to this stop a few rides ago and it's really a hidden jewel as it's not a place you usually stop on a ride up/out that way. Then from there take a vote as to where we proceed or even return the same route. Finally where ever the ride is remember DOUBLE DEMERITS in place this weekend so twist your wrist at your own peril (already been on a ride this weekend where someone found out the hard way :inpain: )
    Hope this works I never have much luck posting maps but this is what I'm suggesting
  7. Enjoy the ride fella's, with double demerits i'm out i'm afraid.
  8. This rain is not filling me with fuzzy feelings. Shall we make a decision in the morning? 7AM?
  9. yup makes sense to me, better off checking the radar in the morning than trusting weather predictions :rolleyes:
  10. Sorry boys. Would if I could but tomorrow, alcohol and celebration has to take place. Also happen to be up the coast. Keen for that upcoming ride up to hunter. Hopefully we get that done before uni holidays end
  11. Despite the downpour tonight it still looks promising for tomorrow. Check again in the morning.
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  13. I'm in, see you at Dee Why
  14. See you there.
  15. Thanks for the ride, it was very enjoyable. :)

    Good food, good roads and less Police than expected. Perfect.
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  16. Yes great ride, thanks for the brilliant suggestion MichaelR65MichaelR65 although the wildlife was thick on the streets !
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  17. Was around that way too today -- went down through Wollombi, did a couple of laps of the Old Pac and home via the Central Coast. Only momentarily spoiled by having a police car up my trumpet through "that bend" on the Great North Rd and finding another over the double lines on Lemming Corner two minutes later.

    Happy to be a decoy anytime team. (y)
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  18. Good to see you guys. Good weather, little traffic and a great lunch, with a view!

    Australia Day is not just about boozing and BBQ's, but a had a couple of cold ones when I got home :)

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