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Jan 2016 Competition, $50 winner - Ned

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. $50 will be deposited into the winners bank account. Buy yourself something or donate it to charity.

    Thread rules:
    1 photo per person and has to be BIKE RELATED. If the photo is not bike related, it will be removed
    * Photo must be taken by you. You may add a comment explaining the photo, location etc.
    * No other posts or comment aside from your entry please. This is to keep to photos in a row down the page so we don't have to scroll through pages looking for photos

    How do we decide the winner after the month is over?
    You will decide by clicking on the thumbs up like button on who you think the winner should be. Please don't click on the thumbs up button till voting begins. To be fair on everyone, a person cannot win twice in a 6 month period, if a person wins twice within 6 months, the photo with the second most votes will take the prize.

    The winner will be contacted via PM by
    25428. goz, 14584. Mouth and 33345. Justus once voting has been completed.

    Thanks (y)

    Please DO NOT like anyone's photo or comment between photos!
  2. The sun popped out between the showers out the back of Marysville the other day.
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  3. Tigers of mine and desmo1968desmo1968's at Coles Bay, Tasmania Tour 2014.
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  4. Port Campbell May 2015
    IMG_0284  small.
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  5. During a picnic near Marysville with my girlfriend.
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  6. Keep your stick on the ice, and both wheels between the ditches. ♠️

    2011 Triumph Daytona 675, I want to share my bike photo image, it's one hell of a machine :' )

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  7. My beauty bluey. Isn't she gorgeous.
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  8. On a lazy afternoon ride to Kinglake (via Emerald, Healsville and back), stooped at Yellingbo.

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    VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!

    LIKE 1 PHOTO ONLY TO CAST YOUR VOTE by 6pm Sunday 31.01.2016

    If you like 2 photos, your likes will be removed..

    Comments now allowed. Thanks everyone.

  10. Weren't there other pics here as well? I'm sure I put up one of my bike earlier in the month and there were a bunch of good scenery pics too.
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  11. JustusJustus, going by the dates on the posts, this month long competition is now closed to further entries after being open for just 8 days, and there are a further 7 days left in January.
    I thought we had the full month to submit entries and voting started the month after.
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  12. Reckon you need 7 days to vote on 7 photos? A heads up this was happening would've been nice.
    Good luck to the entrants.
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  13. I added a picture when it was first opened. That picture disappeared, I asked Goz about it and he couldn't see that anything had been deleted.
    I added a picture again, it's not there any more. So two pictures added and displaying at the time I added them, now both gone.
    Something seems to be going on.
  14. Yeah I agree. Really doesn't matter but I'm certain I added a pic early in the month and there were a bunch of nice non-bike scenery shots there ( which is why I remember ). No biggie, will submit for Feb...
  15. i just took a screen shot of #16 just in case that disappears.
  16. Nah no worries, will do Feb. Just wanted to point out the egremlin...

    Theme should be - tadaa - bikes!

    Maybe seasonal - so summer/hot pics only?
  17. You say "upload your photos", that could be why mine disappeared. I didn't upload, I used the add image icon and linked to it.
    I host my photos on Flickr and I usually link to the image when I need to show one in a forum or similar. The imaged displayed
    properly when I did it, but seems to have disappeared some time later. The link I use is a static one directly to a sized version
    of the shot.
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  19. IMG_20160124_there. old age newbie. first country ride. overnight into mt strathbogie near mansfield. 12 months ago never ridden. this was an unexpected journet but it was about getting there and back again

    Attached Files:

  20. I feel sorry for you Justus...

    There was a January pics thread with lots of scenery shots (no idea why given none had bikes). Was this the thread you guys posted in? It got deleted.