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[Jan 20, 2013] [Vic] Wessider's Annual Charity BBQ 12pm

Discussion in 'VIC' started by robsalvv, Jan 9, 2013.

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[Vic] Wessider's Annual Charity BBQ 12 pm 20th January
Start Date: Jan 20, 2013 11:00
End Date: Jan 20, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Battery Park
Corner Morris street and Battery road, Williamstown

Posted By: robsalvv

Confirmed Attendees: 17
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  1. It's time again for the Wessiders "Monday night coffee crew" annual Charity BBQ. Sunday 20th January. 12pm onwards.

    Location: Battery rd Park, just beside the Williamstown Seagulls footy ground. http://g.co/maps/ga6vp

    Please RSVP in this thread so I have an idea of numbers!

    The invite is extended to Groove lounge Monday night regulars, semi regulars, ex regulars (come back, we love you!) and founding Wessider coffee members.

    If you're not a regular and would like to attend, then a $5 - $10 donation is welcomed. Kids and Partners welcomed too... RSVP for them and a small donation towards supplies would be appreciated.

    How this works: we've collected the left over change after each Monday night coffee gathering and put it into a kitty. The Groove Lounge has contributed by offering a small discount on the bill. The kitty will pay for the BBQ and what's left plus donations on the day, will be donated to charity.

    The proposed charity this year is the Reefton SES. I'll have to work out how to get them the dosh.

    Bring along water pistols, nerf guns, pets and beach cricket gear. Oh and please RSVP in the thread so we know how much to cater for! Catering will include stuff for the BBQ, salad, soft drinks and some beers (It goes without saying, you'll be responsible for your own alcoholic intake and riding/driving responsibilities).

    Did I mention, please RSVP in the thread so we know how much to cater for. Thanks :)

  2. I've activated the RSVP option at the top of the thread... please give it a try. Thanks.
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  3. How do you RSVP for more than one person though?
  4. Me, Mez and the kids will be there. (Don't see any RSVP options on tapatalk )
  5. Good bloody question! Did you leave a message?

  6. Yeah I did but after I clicked the message was still just sitting there and I could delete it so I'm thinking it didn't go through. I also think it will let me keep clicking and bump up the numbers but I haven't tried that as I dont want to throw your numbers off.

    Either way... two adults and a child (and I'm one of the confirmed attendees above)
  7. I've RSVP 'd using the above , also left a message but it didn't post o_O
    Will be B and I plus one 11 year old :)
  8. You want us to bring anything Rob? Or cater for the salad again?
  9. hover your mouse over the users icon and the message will pop up
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  10. just clicked on 'MAYBE' and punched in this message
    dont fall off your chairs lol it is a 'MAYBE' :)
    but the message stays in window.
  11. Dammit I can't come :( Was looking forward to the chance to catch up with the Wessiders again!!! Got tickets for a concert in Mornington at 1pm... Damn!!!!:banghead:
  12. I will be there and I may bring the kids again this year but I'm not 100% sure if they are coming. I will let you know ASAP.
  13. Aww :( I was hoping we could upgrade the water fight to a wet t-shirt comp this year. lol

    Looks like 25ish people at present. :)
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  14. G'day mate, if you and Lizzy could cover the salad department, that would be great.


  15. Any more for any more?
  16. any more what?
  17. People attending.

    I'm going to bring a pavlova. Should I bring a second dessert too?
  18. OOOOO pav awesome...
    Well I will have my two sprouts with me so good old snags in bread is good for us but I can go the lazy helpers option and bring a couple of bags of chips...?
  19. Snack chips and snags are on the bbq list.

    One of these days I will hand over the bbq list... :)
  20. Two more days. :)
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