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[Jan 19, 2013] Learner Friendly Ride (Putty Run)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Blaise, Jan 10, 2013.

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Learner Friendly Ride
Putty Run
Confirmed Attendees: 24
Posted By: Blaise
Start Date: Jan 19, 2013 09:00
End Date: Jan 19, 2013 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT
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  1. #1 Blaise, Jan 10, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
    Berowra - Old Pac - Wollombi - Putty- Windsor round trip is about 300km's (link to map)

    This ride has been designated Learner Friendly meaning that maximum speed will be 80kp/h or as per signage, whichever is lower. If enough riders are coming of sufficient capacity, a second group may be organised for those who wish to ride at a more... sporting pace. However, this group will be required to wait for the L's group to catch up at the designated stop points along the route.

    When: 9.00am (departure time) Saturday, 19th January 2013.
    Starting Point: 7-11 Petrol Station, Pacific Hwy Berowra. Meet at 8.30am for a 9.00am (sharpish) departure. Please note that as this ride is on a Saturday, this petrol station will be quite busy.
    Lunch: This will be dependant on timing; if all goes well we'll be enjoying the fine dining of the Grey Gum Café at Putty (no petrol is available at this location and black tie is optional). If we're running a bit behind, lunch at Wollombi.
    End Point: MacDonalds at McGraths Hill (near Windsor).

    For the ride we stop as often as there are stations (stretch/butt rest, toilet, snacks, fuel, etc.):
    Berowra - Kulnura 56 km
    Kulnura - Broke 72km
    Broke - Colo Heights 122km
    Colo Heights - Windsor 38km

    Who is in and who is out? Tell and I'll run a updated tally. Use the RSVP controls above and to the right of this post to show attendance.

    Cardboardtenant ...he and Goz have a secret
    Chris - Blaise
    Chris - OZYoda ...Lead
    Janaid - Teondons ...retired stuntman
    Lee - SydMadAss125 ...'Anyone got a spare fuel can for me mower?'
    NOT80 - Cyril
    Paul- Noob + two maybe
    Peter - PK13 + one
    Rickyrock ...Richard the TEC'n-heart
    Ryan - Tunafi2h + two maybe


    Goz ...no bike
  2. Note that you can use the RSVP to show attendance, simply select the "yes" radio button, attach a comment (optional) and press the "Post" button.
  3. Briefing

    1.By coming on this ride you accept all responsibility. You are the one that has responsibility for your own actions and your own safety. Ride your own ride, keep to your own speed. After all, you are the only one on the bike at the time.

    2.Proper gear is highly recommended. It is up to you what risks you wish to take but we recommend full gear be worn .. ie proper riding jacket with back protection, gloves, riding trousers and boots.

    3.Use common sense and give priority to the safety of everyone in the group (including yourself). Respect all other riders and road users.

    4.If you wish to leave at anytime then thats fine .. but for gods sake do let us know!

    5.Ls, its not a fast ride and overtaking is not actually going to get you anywhere faster :D

    6. Do come with a full tank full of fuel. Running out is so embarrassing! There is fuel at Berowra and We will have two fuel stops so no excuses (with arrangements for Lee).

    7. Do your pre-ride checks on your bike ....

    Yodas quick list of Pre-ride checks (off the top of the head)

    Tire pressure & condition
    Brake fluid (front & rear)
    Coolant (if appropriate)
    Brake light (check with both front & rear levers)
    Oil level
    Chain - tension & condition (normally do this when doing a regular chain clean, not every ride)
    Check for anything loose .. screws, nuts, bolts, fairings, lights, levers, horn, brain.
    Look for any wet patches on ground under bike that may mean something is leaking (from either of you)
    Brake pads

    Bring some water, a lump of patience and a sense of humour is a good idea too.
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  4. whats the likelhood of a fast pack? i was hoping for a run on this weekend, its been too long since my last one.

    but i do like going a little faster than 80 :)
  5. There's usually a few of us who will ride faster than the L group. The more there, the easier it is to split into two groups
  6. well i will have to see what has been planned for me, but if there will be a few fasties, i should be able to come along.

    just have to remember the way back from windsor...
  7. Will be in the faster group if I can make it although will be taking it easy through the Old Pac.
  8. I'm at Hornsby so I'll get you back to be old Pac and you can make your way back up to the central coast that way if you want.
  9. Hahaha once we are past "that" corner it's game on again? ;)
  10. This is mainly for those who haven't done an Ol' Pac/Broke/Putty run before but seeing as the term "that corner" has been raised (and I assume colr6 isn't referring to the one I'll mention), I thought I'd just put up a warning about a catch the unaware, almost aptly named "Lemming Corner". I say almost because its a downhill right (25kmh) followed by a left (15kph) combination of corners that has gained quite a reputation to the point it was officially given a signpost bearing this name back in 2004. It's located south of Woolombi on Great North Rd and is a site of many a crash attested to by the battered armco and discarded flotsam.

    Here's a pic (borrowed from another thread - credit to Goz/UDLOSE). Please note that the photo doesn't do justice as to how bumpy this piece of road actually is:


    Those in the group being lead by OzYoda should be fine, Chris is fully aware of this corner and will ease his group though this section. For those in the quicker group (assuming there is one - there should be though)... be forewarned if you haven't ridden through here before! The sign "Lemming Corner" is about 300m prior to the point shown in the photo.
  11. Its a funny one too as there are some easy 45km/h corners before there and they've put a big red reduce speed sign before those. If you don't know it you tend to think, "wtf did they need that sign for" and start to increase speed again, just as you arrive at the real reason for the sign and get a bit of a surprise :shock:

    Ls, don't worry, we're taking it nice n easy anyway so you'll hardly notice it.
  12. i remember that corner, i nearly became another dint last time :)
  13. Tempting fate here, but the weather forecast is sounding really good. Warm but cloudy, maybe a quick sprinkle but no rain.
  14. I'm keen for the faster group. Have to wait a few days before I can confirm
  15. I just looked at BOM and looks like it will be raining..
    Partly cloudy. Isolated showers. Winds southerly 25 to 40 km/h turning southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the day.
    but might still be up for it, just need to see if I am working..
  16. Hey Col,

    We totally miss your corner on the old pac :) So you should be safe.
  17. Really. Do you guys turn off before that section?
    noob - if your heading over from Penrith you want to meet up somewhere to head to Berowra?
  18. I'd be happy to make a company. Faster group I mean. However I'd have to leave after Grey Gums - I have to return home earlier than the main group.
  19. That's no problem BUT do remember...
  20. Guys, a friend who was heading along Putty Rd last week tells me that part of the road was closed because of some fires.
    I'm not sure whether this is still the case, but my searches have not turned up anything so far.
    Just something to keep in mind.
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