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Featured [Jan 17, 2015] Melbourne Bay Loop (Queenscliff to Sorrento) - 9AM

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Jaytee, Dec 30, 2014.

JAN 17 2015 - MELBOURNE BAY LOOP (Queenscliff to Sorrento)
Start Date: Jan 17, 2015 10:00
End Date: Jan 17, 2015 18:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

BP Petrol Station
54A Marine Parade, Elwood:
Victoria 3184

Posted By: Jaytee

Confirmed Attendees: 14
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  1. #1 Jaytee, Dec 30, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015

    I'm posting this event to gauge interest in a ride around the Melbourne bay.

    The ride starts from the normal Sat Basic skills starting point in Elwood (BP Servo)

    Here is a breakdown of the trip with proposed stops to allow for a break roughly every hour.

    STARTING POINT - 54A Marine Parade, Elwood

    Over the WestGate , quick turn off to Williamstown for a cruise along the beach then back up to the Westgate and a left heading towards Geelong.

    1st Stop - Caltex Quick Bite Corio, Princes Highway, Corio, Victoria (72.1 km, 1 hour 2 mins)

    2nd Stop - Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry Service, Queenscliff, Victoria (63.3 km, 1 hour 4 mins)


    3rd Stop - Somewhere for lunch (TBD) in Sorrento

    4th Stop - Arthurs Seat Lookout (30 km, 30 mins) .. Look around , check out the Harley's.

    Nice cruise back along the beach to the final destination.

    5th Stop - 54A Marine Parade, Elwood (69.9km, 1 hour 25 mins), from here we can decide on heading to a cafe etc for a 20oz 4 shot 1/3 decaf decaf non fat no foam soy breve cappuccino with three pumps of sugar free vanilla and two pumps chocolate with four sweet and lows and extra whipped cream or something along those lines.

    This will be learner / new rider friendly and as always anyone is welcome to come along.


    Note: Ferry prices are $35 per bike.

    Current Weather Forecast: Max 23 - Cloudy. Slight (20%) chance of a shower. Winds westerly 20 to 30 km/h turning southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h during the afternoon.

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  2. I was thinking of this ride myself as a learners ride but hadn't got around to it. I am interested.

    THIS was the route I was toying with including Arthurs Seat and a bit of the GOR, may be a bit long though considering the crossing takes about an hour.
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  3. Thats a good route, perhaps we could shorten it like this

    Bay Trip
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  4. Great suggestion!
    Scenic route home from practice sounds good to me! Ill have to confirm closer to the day & will likely peel off at Geelong to head back to Ballarat. :)
  5. Can I suggest you run this route in reverse. IE - do the boring, long slab to start and come home via the Mornington Peninsula.

    Reason I say this - if you are taking learners, they get tired.
    If they get bored and complacent on the slab home, whilst tired - concentration will lapse.....busy time of year on Geelong road/Hiway.

    Looks like a good ride - if I'm free I'll see if I can come along and support.

    My 2c
  6. Yeah that ride down Princess Hwy to Geelong is sooooooooo boooring..
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  7. Lorne to Winchelsea is great tho
  8. Having done this quite a few times, you are better off going the opposite way, Head to Geelong road down to Queenscliff, then across the ferry to Sorrento, up to Arthurs seat, Red hill and then back to starting point. Lunch at Portsea pub. Done it heaps of times and enjoyed it
    Also leave at 9 not 10
  9. Thanks for the input peeps..

    Post updated and course reversed.

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  10. any chance the meeting location can be somewhere in the west? or at least a mid-way meeting point for us westies? given the course reversal saves me having to head east and then back west again.
  11. I live in Werribee and i'm starting at Elwood. We could meet you along the way if it suits you.
  12. JayteeJaytee that would be great :) i'll PM you closer to the time to work out where to meet and swap details etc
  13. I've already RSVPed yes, but i'm also bringing a not-yet-signed-up-to-netrider friend, if that's cool? :)
  14. The more the merrier ;-) otherwise it would just be me, the open road, some random 90s tunes (vanilla ice, black box etc)!! Good thing is no one can hear my off key singing whilst riding.. However, at a red light, well yeah that's another story :sneaky:
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  15. Mark me down as officially interested in a I'll go if I get a leave pass kind of way ;)
  16. Make that two extra people. :)
  17. I do the Melb - Geelong run regularly and it is pretty bad.
    There's a few small deviations you can add to break the freeway ride up a bit if you aren't trying to do it too fast. Williamstown to Werribee , and Werribee Sth to Norlane.
  18. Love to come for my first ride with you all weather permitting (I'm old and fragile)
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  19. i'm actually the same as Timwil56Timwil56 if there's rain I probably wont attend as I don't have any wet weather riding gear
  20. If its going to rain , then I expect it to be postponed.
    I don't want first timers or learners riding in a torrential downpour or fighting the rain on the freeway.

    It's meant to be a nice ride on a weekend but I'm more than happy leaving it for a sunny day..

    I will let you guys know closer to the day..
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