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[Jan 16, 2016] iPhone ride (Berowra, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hornet, Dec 31, 2015.

iPhone ride
Start Date: Jan 16, 2016 08:00
End Date: Jan 16, 2016 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Berowra Seven-Eleven
965 Pacific Hwy & Waratah Rd
Berowra, NSW 2081

Posted By: hornet

Confirmed Attendees: 10
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  1. with no connection whatsoever to the debut of the iPhone on January the ninth, 2007, I'm proposing a Learner/Provisional-friendly ride on that day.
    Leaving Berowra 7/11 at 8:30am, traveling the Old Pac, up to Kulnura, Wollombi, then on to Broke in the lower Hunter Valley.
    From there we can come back the same route, which had some learning merits (a second look at the road you've just ridden) or take the longer route and track across to Milbrodale and then down the famous Putty Road, getting back into Sydney at Windsor.
    When I do this loop it's about 600kms, but that's got nearly 300kms additional getting to the start point and then home from 16kms south of Wollongong, so it's probably a tick over 300kms for Sydney riders.
    Ride will be at/around speed limits with respect to the target audience, with the usual Ride Leader/TEC arrangements.

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  2. I'm in !!!

    Looking forward to it.

    Last L/P ride got canned due to insufficient numbers so I hope it doesn't happen to this one.
  3. I'd be in for part of this -- from the start point to mid-way along the Putty (say Grey Gums), or back down through Kulnura. I'm not an L/P anymore, but with the time away from the bike, its probably around my level at the moment. Know the road well (intimately in some places!) so happy to mark corners or whatever too.
  4. Unfortunately Zeddee and I will be on the Oxley
    Would have loved to have joined in otherwise.
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  5. Yup one does what one must... sigh. ;)
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  6. Great to see you are getting back on the bike.
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  7. I'm in for this one. See you there; hoping we get another nice turn out!
  8. I'm provisionally in. Might be convinced to TEC if there are any promises of free coffee and sacrificial virgins.
  9. I'm possibly in. Not a L/P plater but haven't done a group ride before and only just getting back on the bike after a long break.
  10. will there be cake?
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  11. Maybe not your type of cake......
  12. Virgin cake George? I'd eat it!
  13. My brother lives up at Paxton, depending on the route taken and if he is free, I might be able to convince him to meet up at some stage along the way. He might bring one of his classic bikes.
  14. Yeah im down for that too. Count me in as of now.
  15. I can grant you one of those promises :whistle:
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  16. and I might be able to supply coffee. :)
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  17. I'd love to come along! I'm definitely in!
    Just so long as i dont get lost finding my way to berowra! Anyone else coming from the innerwest?
  18. I'll be going from Ryde. Not really inner west but happy to meet up somewhere on the way if it helps?
  19. Cool,I'll see how i go this week memorising the directions! I will be headed toward concord road then onto ryde road and onwards to pacific hwy....is that the way you will be headed too?
    If so maybe we could meet up! But i dont want to inconvenience you if you'll take another route.