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Jamieson - Whitfield Trip - Wed 11 April

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Garido, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    My next mid week trip is planned for Wednesday, 11 April. After having consulted the forecast for next week, that seems to be the most promising day weatherwise.

    We had a great trip on Tuesday (03/04) and I hope we can repeat the same again on this trip up to Jamieson and on to Whitfield.

    Distance is just under 500km, so a steady pace will be required, with lunch in Whitfield. According to 'Ned', this will be a 'Level 3' ride.

    Starting point is at the Caltex in Whittlesea (30 Forest Rd, corner Beech Rd). Here is a Google Maps reference: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?sadd...Q&oq=Croydon,+Victoria&mra=ls&via=1,2&t=m&z=9. Meet time is 8.15 am for an 8.30 am take off!

    Anyone interested? :)
  2. mmmm Garido, I would not think this road to be a level 3.

    I rode it twice yesterday and would consider it at least a 4 for the following reasons.

    1) apart for a few arrows noting change of direction there are no advisory signs telling you what to expect next, you have to work it our for yourself.

    2) there are lots of changes of radius mid corner.

    If you have a really close look on googly maps you will see that it is quite a technical road.

    However the road surface is good.

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  3. I have done the Eildon Jamieson a few times now in both directions and agree with oz-johnno its very technical , Level 4 , as he says there are NO advisory signs and minimal arrows showing change of direction. 100% concentration 100% of the time .

    One thing I have noticed is that the surface stays clean even when we have shitty weather that usually means debris all over the road surface ie Reefton on the same day had crap every where yet Eildon Jamieson was clean as .
  4. Hey guys,

    Thanks for your comments, and totally agree. It is a technical road, done it at least three times in the last 6 months. On the other side, the surface is pretty good and you don't have to go at hell's pace. We had a learner with us one time and he went great and enjoyed the trip very much.

    Yes, you need to concentrate, but you should do that anyway. And riding through the City requires as much, if not more concentration.

    Happy for you to join us!


  5. dunno that I will be able to make it mate (phucking rehab).

    Your right though, 100% concentration is what is required. Knowing the danger is there is the first step in avoiding it

    (kinda Zen isnt it? but its very true)

  6. I'm keen for this one Gerrit, see you in the morning.
    Perhaps update the OP to show the meet/leave time?
  7. Not excactly correct.....
    I've been thru there and it's been in a huge mess so it really depends...
    One other thing to keep in mind is the color of the surface on the Jamieson end...
    It's that back/white color and can make it hard to see any loose stuff so you need to be alert..

    But yeah, it's an awesome road..:D
  8. Whooboy... no sir. I admit I've only been through there twice, but the second time there was so much litter I almost couldn't see the surface at all. It felt like riding through uncharted bush.
  9. I used to ride that road when it had 13 Kays of gravel.

    Even on the Bird, that hates gravel, The dirt was worth riding for the good bits on both ends, Even Two up, Hahahaha
  10. Its actually a good road for a learner,

    Going at their own pace, and that means slow and not keeping up with any one,

    There is very little traffic for them to worry about, Changing gear, Braking, Corners,

    Its all there, It even has straight bits to unwind on, Or have a rest,

    But I would suggest for learners to return after having a break at Big River Bridge,

    It is a Tiring road for beginners, But the experience for them would be invaluable,
  11. I would love to come,
    But I have done that road in pouring rain a few times recently, and it is definately not fun,

    Showers in the morning, Damn it,
  12. That road is fkn insane. Had a grin a mile wide in our return from Tintaldra!
  13. I'll see you in the morning Brian....
  14. Deadman, weather should be just fine. Forecast is for cloud cover down here, but according to Eildon forecast is has been mostly sunny there already today and will be sunny tomorrow.

    It will be awesome!
  15. The grin wipes away the memory of the damp trip up, Hahahahaha
  16. Hell yeah Brian!
    Great end to a great weekend. See you next time matey!!!
  17. Not a drop Brian!! You would've loved it. We stopped by and said hello to your mate in Tolmie, he was asking where you were!!

    Great roads, great company and perfect weather. Thanks Gerrit for a top day, was nice to meet you. What better way to clock up 620km, awesome fun,

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  18. I did have a side bonus,
    My boat is finally on its way home,
    I picked up my Free I pad and a $1000-00 Free fuel card from the car dealer,

    Going for a run tomorrow, The Bird is getting frisky in the garage,

    I was looking at that sky from Essendon,
    Damn, it was a good day and the Jamo road is some thing else, Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh.
  19. Great to see the boat's on the way home, so you'll be busy over the next few months then? Enjoy your run tomorrow, catch you some other time, take care.
  20. Brad,

    You're absolutely right. Fantastic weather, great roads, brilliant company, good food at the stop!

    Here are some photos (third one was taken at our lunch stop - look at the temperature!):

    Attached Files: