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Jamieson Overnighter Saturday February 25th 2012

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Meet @ 9.30 am on Saturday 25th February 2012
    for a 9.45 rider brief and 10am departure
    at the 7/11 , corner Stud and Wellington rd , Rowville.
    Everyone to have a FULL tank of fuel before we leave :)

    For those that haven't .. please PM me phone details ,bike you ride and ICE contact

    There will be 5 stops in all ... 4 regroups and a longer stop @ Buxton for lunch and refuel ..

    On the day you will all be given the exact route ... If for any reason you do get lost .. head towards the next regroup point ..

    The standard Rider briefing will be at 9.45

    Bruce will lead the ride
    I'll be TEC

    Will require a 2nd TEC ( Volunteers anyone ?? Or a few for different sections )

    Would like to have a 2nd leader to help the newer riders navigate through roads unknown ..

    2 corner markers @ each corner ,just in case someone misses the mark , 1 corner marker can retreive them ,
    as there is 30+ bikes on this ride ... if it's a front rider that misses it .. it would be a while before TEC arrived to play fetch .

    Buddy system applies .. so @ each stop , make sure they are there as well ..

    Check your bike before the day : brakes, tyre pressure , lights, indicators, fluid levels, if in doubt ask for advice

    Pack light ... no need to take a whole wardrobe with you for an overnight stay .. when most of the time you'll be on a bike anyways ..
    Dress appropriately on the day .. thermals are a great idea ... better to be too warm and be able to peel off at a stop , then freeze :/
    Wet weathers , spare pair of gloves and socks just in case ( it's Melb after all )

    Toiletries and your own towel is required ... bedding supplied @ the Park
    Insect repellent , sunscreen , pain killers are a great idea as well.

    Secure your luggage,a few extra occy straps would be good to take 'just in case' ( we found this out on our Aussie Day ride ** rollseyes** @ GreyBm )
    Garbage bags ,plastic bags, zip lock bags are a great idea to put any gear in to keep waterproof or covering your luggage in case of rain ..
    gaffa tape , cable ties for any emergency repairs.

    Don't forget your Licence, wallet/purse, and also a good idea would be to keep ICE and insurance details in your wallet/purse as well.

    Water .. Water .. Water .. keep yourself hydrated ...

    Most importantly ... RIDE your OWN ride ... don't feel pressured to ride at a pace you may not be comfortable with ..

    Enjoy =D>

    Ok accomodation details are as follows :
    Due to Jamieson Caravan Pk having a 2 night stay minimum ..
    our destination is now

    Twin Rivers Cabins
    3 Chenery Street, Jamieson VIC 3723

    Walking distance to the Courthouse Hotel for dinner n drinks

    Unfortuantly there is only enough room there for 25 people ..
    5 more places now available ... making that 30 spots as long as you don't mind sharing bed space 8-[ :)

    There will possibly be rooms @ the pub that you can also book at.
    Courthouse Hotel (03) 5777 0503 ...

    All cabins have bed linen , you supply your own towels/toiletries etc ..

    $30 per person ..

    Full Payment is required by TRC by the 18th February 2012.. PAID

    Anyone that wishes to confirm their place ..
    pm either myself or B and we will give you Bank details to make your payment

    GreyBM : apparently the Brewery is now under new management and the "taxi " service is unavailable ..
    maybe closer to the date we can make further enquiries

    The list so far :

    ZX9A6 - Kitt ( confirmed)
    Dave - Liz ( confirmed )
    Greydog ( confirmed )
    Streetmaster( confirmed )
    Kaos + 2 ( confirmed .. staying @ the pub )
    Kma_jg - partner ( confirmed )
    Clemo ( confirmed )
    BitSar (confirmed )
    SammyA - Bec ( confirmed )
    Aly ( confirmed .. staying @ the pub )
    Louey (confirmed)
    Pezza & dad ( confirmed )
    Kingpin :(
    Sir Skuffy :(
    Aussieak half day ride
    Pilgrim ( confirmed )
    Minglis & Mez ( confirmed )
    Rusti & Shirl ( confirmed )
    Anto ( confirmed )
    Gregb ( confirmed)
    Reesa :(
    Guardian-angel ( confirmed )
    Galaxy ( confirmed )
    MT1 ( possibly camping )
    Biggles (confirmed)
    PommyDave :(

    PS ... All 25 places so far have been paid for @ the cabins ...
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  2. This is a nice ride with a lot of twisties.

    I suggest that if you want to go on this and and haven't done many group rides you should ensure you get a few Sunday Learner rides in as experience between now and 25 Feb.
  3. I'll be there. Ill ask dad and see if he wants to come too. This time I'll probably take ktm instead of sv like the rawson ride
  4. You guys know you'd have to beat me off with a stick to stop me coming :rofl:

    Short version - I'm in (y)

    I'm never going to live that one down eh? hahaha
  5. Can you put me down as a maybe pls. Subject to parent duties.( and dont say bring her along Kitt I cant pillion yet)
  6. Done !!!
    Surely someone could pillion her ;)
  7. Liz and I are still definites despite the lack of beer taxis
  8. Agreeing with what greybm said about rider skills, this ride is not really suitable for the level 1's unless you have a few k's under the belt which then would mean your a level 2 lol.

    It's a long ride (duration) and packed with twisties (corners & bends) almost from start to finish, so keep that in mind and give it some thought before you sign up :)

    Cheers B

    PS better late then never with rider skill level......
  9. Count me in..

    Looks like a great run...
  10. I'll check with Mez, but I'm pretty sure we'll both be in too.
  11. They could if you could get her on a bike.
  12. Well I'll step in here as the overprotective person that has never met her....not until after the olympics.
  13. I'll probably stay elsewhere by myself. Hope that's okay
  14. :(
    You don't wanna share a room with us ??

    I think the Courthouse pub has pretty good facilities ..

    (03) 5777 0503 ... :)
  15. Stop the press, i forget about checking netrider regually, lucky i saw some NR's on friday night and they told me about this AWSOME ride....... sign me up, here i come ready or not :D:D:D:D:D:D
  16. I'd love to share with you sweetie...but...yeah....best not to.
  17. #17 AngryAnt, Jan 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
  18. me and angie probably
  19. I'll come along :)