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Jamie Staufer highside over Lukey Heights

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Pompy, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Thought this might interest you darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 these were taken on the Saturday at the the super bikes last year. Interesting to see his visor being jettisoned.... WSBK2015-94. WSBK2015-95. WSBK2015-96. WSBK2015-97. WSBK2015-98. WSBK2015-99.


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  2. wow
    great shots
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  3. Thanks Uncle GregUncle Greg the camera was all set up for panning shots so a relatively slow shutter speed, would have been good to have taken them with a faster shutter!!!

  4. On board from Falzon.
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  5. shows what a great job Pompy did with his pics
    great focus, great framing
    panned at just the right speed
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  6. nicely done. :] Great working getting pretty sharp shots when set up for panning.
  7. great pics well done
  8. The video wasn't from me