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Jambaroo Mountain Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Senator17, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Does anyone know if Jamabroo Mountain road is open bewteen Robertson Pie Shop and Jamberoo?

  2. I'm not aware of it being closed in years. It's a true mountain pass, don't expect it to be Macquarie pass.
  3. Yeah should be open, they were doing some roadworks there back in summer / early Autumn. Its not a road you can fang it on, bit bumpy and narrow, not bad for a cruise. I personally try to avoid it, what route are you planning?
  4. It IS open, but it's a crappy piece of road. I tend to ride the fast stuff between the Pie Shop and the top of the bumpy stuff, then turn round and go back.

    When you're at the Pie Shop, try Will's two new sensations, his chicken, leek and Camembert pie, and his beef borginon pie
  5. the resurfaced bits are nice, but there's a couple of sharp bumpy corners.
    moss is slippery when wet, but no trucks and fewer idiots than mac pass :) but it's not flowing and fun like mac pass either..

    if going up, careful of the left hand hairpin a few corners from bottom.
  6. Definitely open, but not fun like Mac Pass. As Hornet said it's bumpy and i'ts his backyard. Worth a ride once.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I must be thinking of Mt Kiera road then, I've been told that one of the road down that way has been closed for some time due to "Slippage" and incomplete road works. Think I'll give that one a miss then. The road to Kangaroo valley seems much nicer. Might plan the trip through Berry and around to Jamberoo pub.
  8. You cracked me up when you asked what route am I planning. We've only met once and you know me too well already. How soon will the knee be ready to ride?
  9. Mt Kiera Rd has been closed for quite a while now due to slippage as you said. You can still get to Unanderra from Picton Rd by going through Mt Kembla.
  10. Its my superpower, one ride with me and I know everything about you, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!
    The knee should be fine by the end of the month but my bikes off the road at the moment. Hopefully the stars align and the bike comes back together around the same time
  11. What's being done to the bike? Did you post it in the "What have you done to your bike" thread?
  12. Yeah mate I posted in there. Basically getting my ECU flashed by a guy in the States, its supposed to make the bike ride a hell of a lot better and in the process increase power and torque (like it needs more:happy:).
  13. If your riding down that way I suggest going up Mac Pass, down to Kangaroo Valley via Pearsons Lane, and head out to Bomaderry.
    Don't cut across to Berry as Kangaroo Valley Rd is in shocking disrepair. From Bomaderry I would go Shoalhaven Heads/Gerroa/Gerringong way and then cut aross to Jamberoo.
    Thats the 2-3 hr loop I do quite often and its fun.
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  14. Sounds good, we'll have to plan it soon.
  15. I would add that there is moss even on Macquarie Pass in a couple of places; fortunately it's off-line.....
    (perhaps that's why the town up the top is called Moss Vale????)
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  16. Get it right Hornet, it's Moss Vegas.......and there isn't that much moss around here :)