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jam factory parking...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fingz, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. hi all, just quering, i might be riding into a meeting i have next week, and am a bit stumped as the best place to park the bike down at jam factory. I was thinking the underground car park(easy access to my meeting) and was wondering wether if bikes are allowed to enter without paying parking fee's, how safe it is in terms of , will i find it there when its time to go home and anything other general i should be cautious or thinking about??
    I've proberley only ever seen one other bike park there and its been playing on my mind for the past couple of days, should I shouldn't I.
    feed back welcome, thoughts , experiences..

  2. The exit boom gates can be ridden around. There is motorcycle designated parking inside (lower level, close to the pay booth). And you are told to take the ticket wtih you as you enter (i.e. not leave with vehicle). My suggestion: take a ticket as you enter, park in an out-of-the way place, and as you leave ride around.

    Not sure of the legality, but that is what I would do.
  3. Just park on the footpath outside the front of the jam factory (except for the spots under the roof where they have "no motorcycle parking" signs up) or if you are lucky enough to find a parking spot then back the bike into it.
  4. Fingz,

    Coming from the city, when you arrive at Jam Factory (on your left), turn left immediately at the lights…then turn right immediately…………on your left hand side, there’s a nice patch of footpath to park your bike on….cheers.
  5. Cheers thanks, i'm thinking to plan to get there a little earlier than usual as I've never thought about motorcycle parking down there, and i'm thinking my temperature will rise just a tad.
  6. Your best bet to stay cool is to avoid Chapel St as much as possible.....it you come down william st instead and use the backroads to come in right beside the Jam Factory you'll find it much quicker and easier