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Jafu's track day photos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jafu, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Dave, the photo's are saved in gif format, is that what you wanted? Gif is limited to 256 colours.
  2. Dave, those shots are great!!
  3. Dave, great shots as usual, don't you just hate out of 300 odd photo's you only end up with 50 or so.

    Love this one, the things you do when there is a bit of traffic in front :grin:

  4. But where are the photos of Dave in action???
  5. pics

    great shots dave
  6. A little bird tells me the 15th May is virgin day for Dave [Jafu].
  7. Thanks for all the great shots Dave!

    I really want someone to take a piccy of me through Turn 1 one day. By the end of the day, I felt that I was just nailing it so well. Riding through it, and out of it, a few times it started to feel like I was mentally disconnected, and completely zoning it. Quite an indescribable sensation really.
  8. Hey Stew, what do you think is the ultimate lap time for you on your bike?

    Watching you guys at MG was quite a contrast to the White group. Turn 1 would be fun to watch at too.

  9. Error on my part I was working on somthing else prior and neglected to change the setting

    Will upload as Jpeg shortly

    I'm old alright :shock:

  10. You had better come and take them then :p :grin:
  11. I estimate that the ultimate lap time for my bike in its current trim would be in the mid-1:37's with a seriously good racer aboard.

    With me on it? I've heard it said by guys in the know that the rider being overweight costs around 0.1s/lap per kg, around PI, and I'm presently a good 25kg's above the weight I'd be if I were aiming to be a super-fit super-lean racer, given my height/frame.

    So yeah, I'd estimate without losing any weight at all, the best that could be achieved with my carcass aboard would be around a flat 1m40s, if I had the skills to achieve it.
  12. Well, you have a target then! Your mission, should you chose to accept it.....
  13. They are great. Tiga, I would be rapt too if that was me. :grin:
  14. I'm pretty sure I already know what I need to do:

    Could gain 1 sec on the drive out of Southern Loop and into Honda. Could be driving earlier, taking a later entry into Turn 3, therefore carrying a higher speed up to, into, and through Turn 3. I do not ever feel like I am going through Turn 3 fast enough, and I know that it stems from my exit of Southern Loop and my entry into T3.

    Could gain 2.5 secs out of Honda and through and around into MG. I'm not driving out on Honda early enough, and I'm not running into Siberia with as much speed as I could be. I'm tipping into Siberia too early, and so am losing the ability to drive out of it more strongly. There's still some cornering clearance left for me for Hayshed, but I'm not getting the speed I need driving up and into it. I could also still be running into Lukey Heights and over it, slightly more quickly. My entry into MG needs to be more consistent. Sometimes I felt like I got it just right (especially later in the day) but at other times I was slow in.

    Could gain another 1.5 secs out of MG and up to Turn 1. First, I need to drive out of MG slightly more strongly and earlier than I am. I don't feel that there's a lot to gain here, just a little. Where I think I can gain the most is that I'm not running into and through Turn 11 as quickly as I could. I back off a little, and I think that this is psychological 'cos it's where I had a high-side there 10 years ago. There's still plenty of cornering clearance for me here, but I'm slowly building up to it. I could then be driving out of Turn 11 probably a good second earlier and building up more speed for the entry into Turn 12. Turn 12 I could be entering a fraction later, and picking it up on the exit a little earlier and driving out more strongly, but I need to work out some reference points to do this with confidence. I'll know that I've got all of that right when I cross underneath the first bridge travelling at least 15kph faster than I currently am.

    So that's the plan for improvement. I just need to hone the skills to achieve it.
  15. + NOS
  16. Looks like it was a tops day. great shots dave.
    Pomy Boy Your new bike is looking FULLY SICK :grin: