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Jafu's 12 Day Tour Around Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Jafu, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Finally after many years of trying to get this off the ground, I have done it.

    ........so it begins.
    After a fitfull nights non-sleep, ever tried sleeping on a rollercoaster, rose stiff and sore with a desire for caffene and nicotine. Coffee sorted, out to the fresh air to see the sunrise over the Tasmanian coast.


    Once disembarked and an hour wait at the quarantine checkpoint I was free to roam as I pleased. Using 'Mouths' method regarding the weather, opted to travel towards the west.
    My first port of call was breakfast, which I found at a lunchshop in Don just near the preserved railway I had planned to visit. Once fed and watered, I went to the Don River Railway, to find the volunteer staff extremely friendly. Spent a couple of hours talking and taking photos of their locos. I was also priviledged to be present at the firing of the Mt Lyell Nº 9 loco that was in the Workshop.
    Left the suburbs heading south through Speyton, then down to Sheffield, hoping to see the preserved railway there, but being a tuesday it was all closed up. So off to Cradle Mountain via Moina, my intro to the Tassie roads complete with log trucks and lack of speed cameras. Nice sweepers and little traffic out here. the road from Cowrie Park tightened up into some nice twistie bits, the surrounding scenery is terrific. Through Moina and turned left onto the C132 more twisty roads, opening up into sweepers, passing Daisy Dell, turning left again to the Cradle mountain visitors centre. Stopped here for more coffee and a stretch of the legs


    Went up to the park gates, but alas I had not got the neccessary pass so back the way I came. followed the road back to the Moina turnoff but decided to keep goig up to Wilmot, taking photos at every opertunity (as you do) but finding a safe place to park the bike was hardwork, so I missed some nice pics. Found the obligitory lookout with parking just outside Wilmot.


    Great downhill twisties a bit further up the road, having a ball, then the ubiquitous log truck, got the wave through just before a right hander swung round the truck, tipped into the corner to be confronted by a low-loader with an excavator coming up the hill. Well you definately don't hang over the centre line or within a metre of it either.
    Before long I was in Ulverstone so a pitstop was required, coffee and a smoke. Decided to continue westwards, sometimes paralleling the Bass Hwy, sometimes on it. Nice surface 110k limit, that not too many drivers seem to follow, then back down to 80k for a bloody roundabout. Who would put a roundabout in the middle of a hwy. Only in Tasmania. Into Burnie, and a fuel stop, decided to push on to Wynyard and somewhere to stay for the night. Found a great caravan park right on the beachfront, not only cheap, but the pub 100m up the road had a $10 scollop night.
    What a first day, had a ball on the roads got some nice pic too, now to erect the tent, go to the pub and catch up on last nights sleep.
  2. Sen blardy sational buddy! I'll be at Friday night coffee for you to give some more indept details and photos.. Please tell me you got stack of piccies?!
  3. What a day to start your tour Jafu :grin:

    Also glad that you returned intact :cool:
  4. Good stuff Jafu. Love that first shot the best. Looking forward to reading/seeing more....taps foot...
  5. Great to hear you had a great time. The 'Lapping the Map' crew all arrived home and safe and will be posting their pics and (tall) stories up over the next week. I think we've got a few gig to sift through!
  6. More? [-o< PLEASE? :grin:

    You know what I want to see... :grin:
  7. Good to catch up with you in Tassie Dave, hopefully we will get some pics up soon, ours need to be passed by the censorship committee :LOL:
  8. I'm guessin that I'm part of that committee..... :oops: :shock: :grin:
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You're the reason for the committee...!! :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
  10. Sorry Jafu - meant to also add - awesome update - keep the tales coming :grin:
  11. Can someone airbrush my head out of some of those pics :shock:
  12. How can we when it's shoved down cleavage most of the time??..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Day 2
    Dragged myself out of my tent about 7ish. Packed up the tent, etc., had a drovers breakfast. Cool, cloudy and windy, so off to Stanley and The Nut along the A2, cruisey main road, 90% of the traffic going the other way. Slowed by the road works at Crayfish Creek, lovely wet gravel and hard packed earth, teriffic!!! Past Port Latta industrial sight, pity about the polution though.
    Turned right onto B21 heading for Stanley. What a fantastic little fishing town, tourism has given this place a life, as almost all the older houses are sporting fresh paint. Stopped at ' Moby Dicks for a real breakfast. Good food at a reasonable price.


    Back at the A2 decisions were made, as there were far too many 'Grey Nomads' in their campers and caravans heading to Smithton, I decided to back track towards Burnie. I found a nice little diversion out to Table Cape and lighthouse. A nice twisty backroad, reasonable surface but no corner markings! Then the road out to the Lighthouse turned out to be a gravel sheep track. More surprising was at the lighthouse, a Ferrari 360GT and 4 Morgans were having a photo session. By god that was the slowest Ferrari I've seen, as they gingerly made their way back to the blacktop.



    Backtracked as far as Somerset, the weather had improved to be nice and sunny. Refuelled and then took the A10 to Yolla and Henrietta, lots of sweepers. Then my favorite roadsign, "twisties 11k, reduce speed" . So this is 'Hellyer Gorge', well the road surface is reasonable, a little gravel in the hairpins. Woo Hoooo. I loved it so much, I dumped the tankbag behind some bushes and set up the video camera. Back through the gorge, the only vehicle was a TasRoads inspector and he was parked well out of the way. Right back trough to the first hazard sign, a promt 'U' turn and through again, enjoying every minute. This was one of the roads I had come to Tassie to ride. Back to the hidden tankbag



    Tankbag replaced, I headed for Tullah, blatting down the open roads at speed, clear veiws ahead until, Shit!!!! hotmix. Well that slowed me up, the more gravel. Not just gravel but very recently watered gravel, the tanker was 3 cars in front!!!
    Finally into Tullah and a deserved coffee fix at the local village store. Asked about a place to stay for the night. No caravan parks here I have to go to Roseberry another 13k over the mountain. The scenery here is beautiful, peaceful too. The road to Roseberry was a blast twisties up and over the mountain. (scared a local in 4x4 as I came hooting round a bend) :). Into Roseberry to find the caravan park full, so is the motel, So back to Tullah and the Lakeside Chalets, good price for a room, with a restaurant that has good meals and a well stocked bar.
    Another day over, time to relax and think of tomorrow.
  14. More to follow, need to get some smokes first tho. :grin:
  15. You back from the shop yet Jafu? :LOL: :p
  16. Geez Rosie, he must have got lost. Should we send someone out looking :wink: :LOL:
  17. Sory readers, didn't get lost. I'm on call out this week, so guess what....
    .......didn't get home till 2AM :(

    more tonight I hope :grin: :grin:
  18. Bummer Dave, but we eagerly await the next installment :grin:
  19. Lookign forward to it ... loving it so far. Verryyyyy envious :)
  20. Day 3
    Feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep, found continental breakfast being served, but just had coffee. The dining area of the restaurant was packed with a backpacker tour eagerly awaiting their bus. Not my idea of seeing somewhere.
    The sky was clear, the air crisp and clean, promises to be a good day
    Loaded the gear, hmm going to need fuel.Off to Roseberry again, no fuel being available at Tullah. What a way to start a days riding..twisty roads followed by a reverse of the same. :grin:
    Made my way up to see the legendary "Wee Georgie Woods", but alas this being a weekday, it was not open. I could wait till 2nd Sunday of the month, but not this time.
    Right then, off to Reece Dam via C252. Got to love the sign posting in Tassie, they actually warn you of upcoming intersections, before the turn, not as you turn. Great road, early part through forrested areas sweeping turns, tighter as you climb the hills. Got stopped by a roadside worker , who warned me of an excavator being deelivered about 5k's further up the road. Ok, so steadily ride on, ever watchful for said vehicles. Stopped at the Wilson river for a photo opertunity. (you can see why)
    Whilst returning to my intrepid steed, the low-loader in question passed by.Thank the gods I wasn't parked in the middle of the bridge or..... :( continued on stopping again at a sign marking 'Serpentine Ridge' where the distant Mt Livingstone was shrouded in cloud. Continued on through open sweepers with great visibilty, though it was clouding over all the time. Rain I thought just what I don't need, but as luck would have it only 2 spots on the visor and nothing more.
    I stopped at the dam an impressive structure, Second largest rock filled dam in Australia, or so I'm told. Had a wander round and a few pics were taken. Off to Zeehan more nice sweepers with a few twists thrown in just for fun. :grin:
    Zeehan, what can you say. It's a nice old mining town, with its buildings restored as part of history. The Museum is worth the entry fee, I found the area history amazing and very intresting (if you happen to like thatsort of thing). I could have easily spent alot more time here. Had lunch in a great coffeeshop, which was also a favourite with the locals, judging by some of the customers.
    On to Stahan, more good riding roads, still plenty of roadkill!!!! Stopped at the lookout over Henty Beach and the Southern ocean, all bathed in glorious sunshine, although a stiff breeze off the sea kept the temerature cooler. Down the coast and into Strahan, what a different place to Zeehan. Talk about opposites, very touristy, expensive and full of grey nomads. Had a wander round town then out to Reggatta Point to see the end of the West Coast Wilderness Railway. Just a carriage at the station, then with a toot this little diesel trundelled into view. Not quite what I had expected, but as I had seen the steam loco in Don River Yards, I was not too dissappointed. The local tourist floatplane landed making a reasonable Pic or two with the township as backdrop. * Not my sort of place so off to Queenstown. What a road about 30k of twisties, lots of traffic heading the other way.
    Into Queenstown a couple of laps round town to locate somewhere to stay. Found a budget motel with Backpacker type accomodation, but they had a nice hot shower. Walked into town all of 200m and ran into some fellow riders staying at the Empire Hotel. Naturally the talk was of where we had been and where to next over several beers. Some were from Altona, others from NSW . "Joe" knows "Flipper" from MotoGP (The Tentman). Went off to get a feed then went back to the motel, just as the evening sun hit the mountains

    * There are too many photos to post here, so I will put a photobucket album together. :grin: