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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I am looking at getting a new leather jacket and have narrowed the selection down to 2.

    One is the Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 It does however have stretchy corura panels in the sleeves. I'm not sure how these would fare if one is caught in the rain.

    The other is a Shift

    I wore this one around the shop today for 30 minutes and it felt fairly comfortable (a little tight around the guts) The store is getting a larger one in for me to try.

    I need to buy some pants as well at a later stage and would like the ability to zip the pants to the jacket.

    The Joe Rocket has the zip in the jacket but the shift however does not. I kow one can ad a zip at a later stage.

    Anyone have either of these jackets?
  2. mind you everybody, he did look very sexy too... :LOL:
  3. Are there enough cows in the country to make one for you, baldy? :-w
  4. No, they imported genetically modified cows (they were sharpei breed)
  5. They are both good looking jackets, I can only comment on the JR jacket I have which has held up well for the past few months (not the same model, not even leather). However the Shift one looks to use large segments of leather which should (in theory) mean that there is fewer seems to burst or sheer on impact, should you feel the need to test it.
  6. Sorry i dont own either but the shift one is certainly nicer to look at in my opinion. Thats what counts isnt it :roll:
  7. You're not going to blame the jacket for that, are you?? :p
  8. Yes. Stupid pakis cant make a decent jacket :p:p:p
  9. definately the shift one Vic..
  10. I wonder, why, if safety is the reason you are buying a leather jacket you want to get an invisiable one? Why not get somnething that may increase your visability, and safety by being brighter and easier to see?

    If it must be one of those two the then the shift looks heaps nicer.

    Also note from a trip to the shipping centre today (i go like twice a year) that older style motorbike jackets, kinda like that one, are now in fashion for the young guys...even Just Jeans have a jacket KINDA like that one - might be worth chekcing that out before you buy... ?
  11. i think kinkybinky has the shift one.. and was saying great things about it the other night..
  12. Yeah they are up here too only they are FASHION leather jackets and in no way would they be safe. They have cotton stitching and the leather is about 0.5mm thin. It would completely bust apart if you decked it in one! I am referring to the just jeans stylish ones in case people didn't realise!!
  13. I've been exceptinally happy with the vented jacket and smmer gloves I've got from JR...
  14. May I be so bold as to enquire about the pricing of the two? :)
  15. YTeah i know, i meant i he might be better off checking to make sure he aint buying the same styling as the pierced young kids are all wearing this winter :)
  16. ~$500 for each jacket.
  17. Have you considered one of these jackets Vic??




    They have a mesh lining, zip out quilted winter lining, vented chest area (third pic to see), come in a variety of colours, has full CE Armour that can be removed......and the biggest + is that they are made by an Aussie Company.

    It is the new jacket by Scorpion Race Gear that is replacing the 'Tattoo' Jacket. They are not in stock yet but are on the way (~1-2 weeks).

    The price is $299
  18. Hi Vic,

    Almost bought the Shift jacket myself but changed at the last minute to an Alpinestars Stunt Jacket reduced from $899 to $649.

    Heres a picture, http://www.motostrano-store.com/alstja.html

    GOt the red one as it matched my helmet and could be seen quite easily. :cool:

    Seemed a bit heavier and I like the venting on the front, it was a bit cold this morning but I forgot to put in my Gortex Windstopper. :shock:

    Shift come from a motocross background and I found that the jacket wasn't quite tight enough, they do stretch a bit.

    Anyway all good jackets.
  19. So which one its gonna be vic, the shift, jr, or astars? :cool:
  20. In my opinion.........

    When in doubt, style out :roses: